Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Steph told me not to spam cause its rude and stupid and it embarrasses her.

I didn't listen completely. I made sure i wrote specific replies to all the posts that i could relevantly comment on and then i sneaked in the name of the group so people could check out what we have so far.

Sorry Steph but you know me /the stupid head/, you can try and tell me stuff over and over again, i barely listen and even if i do, i do things wrong.

So anyway i tried getting the group name out there amongst the people who are interested in the subject. Hopefully this morning we will have a lot more people in the group ready to have a go at getting all of us to that famous tee party i have been ranting about.

So yeah.

Pretty busy today.

Probably even busyer tomorrow. We need to get the website up to help get the message out there, and i need to spend time with family cause it's a public holiday here.

I should be sleeping right now, but i can't because of all the stupid excitement of spamming the internet again.

But it was fun.

I enjoyed it i guess, i am looking forward to a lot more thrills like tonight.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

31st of March

Very interesting day. Had nearly a nervous breakdown of some sort.

I just basically was walking home from putting our lottery on because of 30 million being offered for the lucky winner, and i had a genuine heureka moment.

I have been interested in "space" and "science" in general since i can remember. I almost became a biologist, and astronomy was also on the table for a short amount of time. I finished neither cause of being a sucky student and not preparing for exams, but i never lost interest at all in any of these and other fields. I even loved going to lectures /except ones i have already done twice :)/

I watched a couple of semesters of podcasts from UC berkeley as well just for fun. One was introduction to astronomy and another one for physics. I loved them. We need more free lectures online btw...

I have been following the space industry on space.com mostly for the past couple of years. And i love reading new scientist and any kind of sciency magazine about new developments and new discoveries in any field.

Then recently i got hooked on TED. I have watched a whole ton of videos, and have annoyed my friends and co-workers talking about the videos. I was watching them trying to find that idea or ideas that will help me get involved in the field i really like, but for some reason /mostly being a bad student/ i distanced myself from.

Then on that lucky saturday afternoon all that idea sex that was going on in my head finally became fruitful.

freespaceships was born.

A crowd sourced crowd funded space program.

A system/website/platform where people like me from all over the world could get together and do useful work on our freetime. Work that would further our efforts of getting into space and doing cool stuff. Like exploration, science, engineering, living, sports etc.There is so much awsome stuff that we could do once we have colonised this solar system.

It was annoying me that if past trends continue, i might see a couple of human landings here and there, but nothing seriously cool will happen before i die. I wan't to change that. Even if i don't make it up there, i wan't to see millions of humans doing their business in orbit and on other planets and moons.

It was also annoying me how wasteful we are with our resources. It annoys me that we have billions of people struggling to make ends meet, and never having a chance to even dream of stuff i have dreamed of.

I seriously believe that we could achieve way more than just cool colonies if we all set our minds on a common goal like the colonisation of space. And by common i mean globally common, and not just common for the richer countries.

Such large scale world wide projects would have the ability to drive whole industries worth hundreds and thousands of trillions of dollars it could create jobs globally for literally everybody. It would create technologies that could be used to further our efforts of bringing the quality of life of everybody up to a good and healthy level without completely wrecking our already stressed ecosystems.

It has the potential to draw attention away from quarreling amongst eachother. It is amazing how much resources we waste on trying to figure out who should be in control over what area, and how they should be controlling said area.

The current state of our civilisation is utter bullshit.

How would freespaceships change the world?

With the upcoming fad of "crowd"-doing.

The internet allows us to interact in way more efficient and faster ways than ever before in human history. We have the ability to connect literally anybody anywhere, and everybody everywhere.

This is a massive game changing technology that we are still only exploring the possible uses for.

What i am proposing is nothing new. The bits and pieces are all over the internet, crowd sourcing, crowd funding, social networks that already have hundreds of millions of members, tons of software and hardware that is "free" to use for anybody who already has access.

Not only that, we have the chance to "freely" share our ideas, our lives, our resources.

I have to go to bed, i could go on and on.

Anyway i think i will just move my rants to this blog instead of the forum, so i won't bother people too much.

cya later internet, it was nice ranting at you

Friday, April 20, 2012

3 weeks

So it's been three weeks i think since i had my brainstorm breakdown.

I have been hyper ever since.

The end is near. :)