Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Steph told me not to spam cause its rude and stupid and it embarrasses her.

I didn't listen completely. I made sure i wrote specific replies to all the posts that i could relevantly comment on and then i sneaked in the name of the group so people could check out what we have so far.

Sorry Steph but you know me /the stupid head/, you can try and tell me stuff over and over again, i barely listen and even if i do, i do things wrong.

So anyway i tried getting the group name out there amongst the people who are interested in the subject. Hopefully this morning we will have a lot more people in the group ready to have a go at getting all of us to that famous tee party i have been ranting about.

So yeah.

Pretty busy today.

Probably even busyer tomorrow. We need to get the website up to help get the message out there, and i need to spend time with family cause it's a public holiday here.

I should be sleeping right now, but i can't because of all the stupid excitement of spamming the internet again.

But it was fun.

I enjoyed it i guess, i am looking forward to a lot more thrills like tonight.


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