Thursday, May 31, 2012


I failed miserably at my first attempt to figure out how many would be interested in a crowd based space program. Since then I realised we will need way more information than that to be able to run our program.

That is why I decided that number one priority before we can start thinking about crowd doing anything, is to create a system that monitors the crowd and then feeds the information right back in. The goal is to help better decision making by all involved parties.

What kind of information would we need?

In an ideal scenario we would have different entities involved.
Ones that I can think of at the moment are:
-private companies
-not for profit organisations
-educational institutions

Depending on the entity we would need different data collected. I am only listing ones I can think of.
yearly budget spent on space related activities
specific areas of focus
if possible even more specific research projects
number of people employed
indicators of progress

-private companies:
yearly budget spent on related activities
areas of focus
specific research projects.
number of people employed
indicators of progress

-not for profit organisations, communities:
 yearly amount of contributions
amount of active contributors
where contributions are spent
indicators of progress

-educational institutions:
yearly budget spent on relevant research fields.
amount of students involved
their progress and success rates at getting employed in the industry after graduation

yearly amount of contributions
areas of focus
level of involvement

The list sucks but it's just a start. I would need to think about it more, but I also would love to get more input regarding this. 

But overall if we collected relevant data and made it accessible for everyone, everybody could make better decisions about their activities. The companies would know which way the "market" is going by looking at up to date information about activities of governments other companies or people in general.

The individuals would know better where their 1 dollar contribution or other volunteer activities are most needed, but also know better what's out there so they can find cool programs to get involved in more easily.

And overall the industry would get an upfront portal where we can actively direct non active people to try and draw them in to increase our supporting base. Overall we all need to be able to attract and keep the attention of a wide range of people.

Now if we can manage to do this, and somehow collect the attention of all space enthusiasts on one spot. We might also be able to lobby them and enable the collection of extra crowd funding to do large scale engineering that requires the collaboration of multiple nations, organisations, companies, and the crowd itself.

I believe we could create a positive feedback loop. The more people contribute with their pocket money and free time, the more investors will decide to contribute with investing in companies in the industry. The more money is drawn towards the field, the more research and engineering will be done. The more we do research and engineering, the sooner we have the technologies for cheap space access and setting up of colonies off the planet.

That is assuming we won't go bust meanwhile because of other factors. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

TWENTY-TWO: progress, links

Hi there!

About the links at the top:
- Today I added a vision page where I tried to briefly describe the current direction we should be heading, if you have any input just write a comment, we can talk about and change any aspect of it all. That's the point of crowd doing things.

-Our forum: is where we can  have more in depth and detailed conversations and think about things. I think it works well because you can interact with it through simple emails and you don't have to sign up or sign in or do any of that crap once you are a member. I am not sure if this is only available for gmail users or any other user.

-Space Fellowship: excellent news site if you want some insight into what is going on right now. They also have a good forum. The problem is the activity level is pretty low at the moment. Hopefully we can change that by channeling more people that way.

-Hackerspaces: I linked in the global space program they are running. I really like the idea of small groups of nerds getting together and building hardware or software and developing technologies in their free time. We need more of this activity. :) I am hoping to join the local group with my project and get guidance from more experienced and knowledgeable nerds about system design and programming. I am a complete and utter noob.

-TED: it is where the spark came from that made me want to do what i am doing now. They have lots of free ideas to share, and i just love learning about all sorts of new things. Great website, great organisation. We need more TED talks, and we need more TED viewers.

-Khan Academy: heard about it first on TED, then months later I got suggested by someone in an IRC room to go there if I wanted to study but don't have money or time to commit to going back to university. Excellent project. We definitely need more of this type of stuff. If we want to live in space, we need to be orders of magnitudes smarter than we are now, but we also need to do it more efficiently and cost effectively. Such educational pioneering is where our future lies.

-spacehack: Excellent place if you want to start contributing straight away but you don't have money to donate to projects like copenhagen suborbitals. Just have things run in the background as you do non intensive computer use like spending time on facebook and contribute that way.

So the way I am trying to get more involved in the industry:
-Get connected. I am trying to connect up and interact with people who are interested in the same things and have similar goals. Space Fellowship is a good spot for that, and so are hackerspaces all over the globe. There are probably tons of other places like these.

-Get smarter. I try and learn about everything relevant or anything that I might need to better understand the subjects we need to live in space. I am going to try and spend more time on Khan Academy to refresh what i have learned in high school and at university. I want to watch more TED too to keep the flow of inspiration and new ideas going. I can never be smart enough for anything.

-Give away surplus resources: I am trying to sort out my finances and figure out how much I can afford to spend on all of this. I want to donate to Khan Academy. I want to set up a computer to work on projects on space hack. I want to donate my brain power and try to figure out real world problems like how to get 100 million people globally give a dollar a day for a global space program. Not talking about TAX, I am talking about voluntarily contributing with 1 dollar a day. It isn't going to be easy, but i think it is doable given the fact that we spend heaps more on stuff on consumer products we don't really need and are actually detrimental for our long term survival.

You can try and follow my example if you haven't already done some or all of these. You can also try and find your own ways to get more active and contribute more. There is never going to be enough contribution, space is large, extremely unforgiving, and the problem pile we need to chew through before we can make ourselves comfortable up there is immense.

So let's get going. :)

TWENTY-ONE: parallel rantiverses

Well since last post I encountered a whole heap of new stuff thanks to people here or in irc chat rooms.

It seems as a whole we lack information gathering, processing and distribution on large scales.

I asked about the demographics and distribution of space enthusiasts, because
if we wanted to do a global crowd program, we would need to collect information about the crowd, and then feed it back into the crowd.

So I realised that the project i am working on is actually even more "basic" than lowering the price of accessing space. It is about trying to collect and distribute vital information so that the millions of people who are contributing to this industry can coordinate their efforts and also distribute resources more efficiently.

It could be it is just my curiosity, but I would love to see global statistics about how many people are interested in the space industry, what is their background, how do they contribute, etc...

I also would love to have the ability to use that information and easily decide where my contribution would fit in.

I would like to have a good chance at making a good decision in regards to that.

Now certainly there are a whole heap of websites and organisations out there, but it seems none of them have become so prominent that if anybody on the planet is drawn towards this industry, it would be the first place to go for orientation, and  where they could get involved straight away.

Some people go to one, others to another one, and our attempts of trying to move things forward are all over the place. It feels like we are pushing a car but from all directions. Our contributions aren't directed and coordinated as it is in the case of a government run space program, or private enterprises of any sort.

This very well could be a completely uneducated guess. However if I only look at the numbers of how much money 1 million enthusiastic people could be moving, and then compare that to what is happening right now, I see a massive void.

I know that governments and large corporations are already doing good and hard work, and i know both type of organisations are "crowd" based. Pretty much everything humans do is "crowd" based. I just think we could be doing a whole lot more if while we are waiting for our tax dollars to be spent the right way, or the profits large companies make are spent the right way, we also could chip in with more of our personal income or other resources and spend it the right way.

It doesn't have to be actual money, it can be anything.

I think we need a whole lot more coordination if we want our global community to achieve more than what we do now.

And for that we need to be able to connect and inform the whole community.
And somehow stir up more activity because it seems at the moment most of us are only passive participants. We love to chat about these things, we love to read or watch stories about space and going there, but our involvement stops there. It seems only a marginal portion of the whole actually end up more deeply involved.

I am a perfectly good example. And I believe i am the average "space enthusiast". Loves science, new technologies, new discoveries, but does nothing or very marginal out of his way to contribute to any of it. Partially because it is not obvious how to get involved, but also because it is not obvious that it is possible to get involved. And by getting involved I mean serious contribution not just random flares of putting seti@home on our computer.

I mean actively looking for places where one could help, and then doing it. And doing as much as possible within personal limits.

Friday, May 25, 2012

TWENTY: lazyness

Today I ended up getting home early so I managed to do some more work on the website. I also did general research into the state of global collaboration in the space industry and amongst the public interested in the industry.

My wife drew an under construction image to put on the front page. I also added some more widgets to the blog to make it easier to follow me if anybody cared.

I have tweaked my mirc so it signs in automatically to the key channels I have used in the past 2 weeks. I try hard not to annoy them on a constant basis with questions. IRC is so darn useful why did i ever stop using it? I got reminded there that the dragon is approaching the ISS.

As I do more research and see what is happening I am trying to figure out where our program will fit. Trying to find my niche. :)

I watched some khan academy as an attempt to refresh my math and general understanding of science.

I also want to write up the how to get involved section and add it as an extra page at the top.
Since the blog post "how to get involved" I figured out more specific details. I will also try and explain what I have in mind when i think of "freespaceships".  Even if I get nowhere at making it a reality, somebody else might.

I wish I could watch more TED, that place has so much inspiration in one spot.

I need to do more work on our facebook page, but did edit it a little bit today. 

Overall I found websites and projects that are relevant for us, are awesomely cool, and I don't know why I never bothered to actually look for them before even though I have always been interested in this kind of stuff. 

And now i am off to play DDO with my wife. :)

So yeah, today was a nice day to "laze out".

/i feel guilty, and so extremely lucky at the same time.../

Thursday, May 24, 2012

NINETEEN: science part 2

Learning the hard way.

It proved to be quite difficult to find my spam posts so far and i realised how much planning matters for science. I didn't find all, but i managed to find most i think for the key peaks. All in all once i had a closer look i think i don't really have much to show up apart from the fact that spamming does work to some extent.

The peaks do correlate to dates when i was more active on That isn't anything interesting though.

At the moment i can only do back of the envelope calculations using some basic information i have here collected from the views and the poll, and using

375000 people liked I am assuming they all are interested in space travel and the industry behind it.
Maximum 670 out of those people viewed my profile so far. I will assume all those represent one person. This will over estimate the amount of people who actually care enough to check out new projects in the industry.
Out of those 30 filled out the poll.
3 thinks its a stupid idea. 10%
4 thinks it is an interesting idea, but don't want to play a role. 13%
11 would like to play some role, but don't want to contribute with funds. 36%
12 would like to play a role and would like to contribute funds. 40%

Now since contributing with funds is only a latter part of the project and people might change their mind if the project takes off, i will put the two categories into one.
This means 76% of the people who filled out the poll would be interested enough in a project like this to try and contribute in whatever way they can.

That looks very promising.

But then out of 375000 only a maximum amount of 670 people visited and checked out the project. That of course depends on how many people visit regularly. Also out of those regulars, how many people actually read the comments at the bottom of the articles. Then out of those how many people react "positively" to spam and check out links posted there.

So this bit doesn't look promising, but i can assign that to the fact that i suck at web design, and also developing and promoting ideas.

The poll itself was put on the site around 200 views but i will ignore this. If the poll is a representative sample of the people who viewed the site, then we should have 509 people (maximum) at this stage who would like to contribute to this project.

Now compared to that we have 30 people who bothered to fill out the poll.

Now if i look at these numbers these things pop straight out at me:
I suck at science.
I suck at communication.
I suck at web design.

I will definitely need to improve those if i want to engage and gather a core group of people to start seriously working on the project.

I will try and find sources for figuring out how many people are globally interested in space travel.
And i guess i should wait for the end of the poll date to get a better idea of the current state of the "crowd".

As far as i can tell at the moment, we are dispersed, focused on a whole lot of different projects, or are completely inactive.

I don't know if that needs changing, or could be changed. I don't know if people want to do more, or could do more.

I just think we could, and we should.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EIGHTEEN: noob, i am!

So I was away for just one night luckily, but there is still progress to report about.

I am a complete noob, and it seems the Internet doesn't work properly. Or maybe I just didn't spend enough time to look for crowd funded crowd sourced space programs. I found 2 by just looking through the forum on space fellowship.

The Planetary Society

Neither are exactly what I imagined, but both have aspects of what I had in mind.
I haven't had a chance to look at both in more detail, but it seems there is plenty of websites and organisations where space enthusiasts can go and enjoy being space enthusiasts.

My question to you Mr. Crowd, why haven't you told me at some point that there were already these projects/websites/organisations out there?

I mean why haven't you told me when I was spamming, or when you came here and checked my lame blog out?

Out of 600+ views not one actually resulted in somebody putting me out of my misery and telling me:
"Hey you idiot, you are a bit late, there are all these cool projects already out there. Get with the age!"

I can see two reasons for it:
1. none of you actually knew about these websites/organisations
2. you are too lazy to actually tell a fellow human being about stuff you know but they don't seem to know

If it's the 1st case: these organisations need more marketing.
If it's the 2nd case: no wonder we have no space colonies yet.

There are of course exceptions, I had 2 people comment here. They were very helpful, but what about the rest of you?

Anyway I am trying to get things going in space fellowship. As I encounter these new information bits I constantly rethink my position and where I want to head with freespaceships. It would be better if more people joined me along this journey but it seems even the people I manage to chat to find it hard to think of this project as their own. Unless they already have their own project and they don't want another one.

Oh well. We will see.

I already suspected ages ago that my idea wasn't anything new, now that I got it confirmed I feel a lot calmer now. I can relax and not worry about whether I succeed or not, it seems others are already halfway there. I am not giving up though. As I watched this video about the liquid propellant engine the Copenhagen suborbital company is making, I realised that it doesn't matter if other people have already done something that you wanted to do. You can still do it for the heck of doing it, or try and do it a little bit differently.

There are other websites and organisations out there that do what I am trying to do, but they don't really work the way I would like them to work. So i will have to build my own system and hope that others will like it more than these other ones out there.

Well actually because this project was supposed to be crowd sourced, I am only starting the whole process. I hope that as we go along, more people will join and we can do things better than how others have done this already.

It seems there are many options for the average Joe like me to get involved in this industry.
I hope this project is going to become one of them too.

If any of you have any input about the direction freespaceships should head, please let me know.

Monday, May 21, 2012

SEVENTEEN: no time, relaxation

I am trying to engage the space fellowship community.

So i don't really have time to write 2 rants for today. If you wish to see today's product, you will have to go here:

I have also been stressing too much for the past 2 months nearly. I need to try and eliminate that, so i think i will try and focus my attention on that forum, and also doing more reading and studying.

Probably nobody cares, but i thought i will put it here in case somebody comes back regularly to see what's going on. /optimism bias at work/

I will also be away for 2 nights for work, so i am not sure how active i can be here.
I am going to have to let the crowd brew a little bit. Enough stirring for now.

If you just came past, please fill out the poll, or write comments to any of the blogs, positive or negative it doesn't matter. We need input.

And if you really want to get involved, join space fellowship, and join the discussion there.

Cya World!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

SIXTEEN: failure

Current big news in the industry is that Spacex's falcon nine launch didn't quite go as hoped.

Now a lot of people might view it as failure or a bad thing. And watching the de-briefing I saw that the representatives of Spacex and NASA seemed to have been quite annoyed and maybe embarrassed.

I am not sure, my emotion detectors don't work well. That is the impression i got from their body language.

I think it is all right.

Failure means you haven't predicted the behavior of the universe around you accurately enough.

It is understandable especially if you consider the amount of factors at play.

Now luckily they had lots of safety procedures in place to dynamically react to such misjudgement of how things should have turned out. The launch aborted, no hardware got damaged, and they can try again later on.

That is the key difference between a good system and a bad system.

Good systems are dynamic and respond to situations when expectations aren't met.
Bad systems ignore those situations and usually crash, fall apart, or explode.

We cannot afford ignoring even the tiniest anomalies, because those anomalies can spiral into chaotic and unpredictable responses from the complex systems we are dealing with all around us.

Learning of any type is based on simple principles:
Collect information.
Make predictions.
Test predictions.
Collect information from the tests.
And document the hell out of the process.

There is a lot of failure along the way, more failure than success because the universe is complex and hard to predict.

BUT the only way to actually get to those accurate predictions and methods of prediction is to push through a whole pile of failure. Push through  with brute force of determination, and subtle tweaking of human ingenuity.

That is what is common about all our great scientists,  explorers, people of great achievements. They pushed through when other people would have given up. They came up with new solutions when other people thought there was none.

It is part of what makes us humans great. That we fight despite the odds, that we strive for something more than just a mundane life of short term survival.

Now none of them were really special. Any of us could have been just like them. Our brains practically work the same, and we all have the same capacity to solve problems. The thing that made them special is their internal drive to keep going. And that is something that can be acquired, it can be thought, and it also can be awakened.

I used to be fairly comfortable in my own little life. Then i realised the only thing that is stopping me from getting involved in the field i really love is myself. Despite the fact that I have no university degree, or that I have no millions of dollars, I can still get involved and start working on problems that I think need to be solved.

So here I am, having a crack at a problem that seems unsolvable to all the people I have talked to so far. Everybody was more or less skeptical about it. Heck I am skeptical about it. I like being skeptical about stuff.

But if I or somebody else never actually tries and does the work to figure out the specific problems, and what possible solutions we could come up for them, then it certainly never will be done.

I already found a couple of people that seem to have been thinking about this same thing from many different angle. I am going to try and join the discussion with them, also try and find all the outlying parts and get them together with us.

Once we have our heads together, we can crack this. I am absolutely confident.

It might take a couple of decades, but once we are done, the potentials of a project like this can be unlimited.

Just think about it.

And once you have done that, come and have a chat about it at space fellowship, or here, or shoot me an email.

My email address is all over the internet. 
I have also just recently got back on mirc, so if we can arrange it I am available for live chat as well.

FIFTEEN: actual science

I have a hypothesis:

My views dropped because from all the people who visit, and amongst my friends on facebook, everyone already got exposed to my spam, and have either checked this page out, or have ignored it.

The views that i had was 463 when i put the first spam that had the correct url in it.

"Science experiment no.2.:

testing effectiveness of spam to attract people to website
testing effectiveness of correct url used in spam"

no.1.: was a failure because i screwed up the url.

Not really spot on with the documentation but it will do for now.

I have spammed 2 articles on so far, i am going to go back to spam more, i am just putting this up here cause in the second spam i promised i would share the hypothesis i am testing.

So there.

Now if you are interested keep in tune.

Friday, May 18, 2012

FOURTEEN: change of direction

It seems there is a lot more work already done, than what i have expected.

Space fellowship has an up and running website, with a good forum, and good news capabilities.

They also have servers and dedicated staff working on things.

So obviously i don't have to rebuild that portion of the project.

What they don't have yet is millions of supporters, they don't have a  crowd yet.

And they don't have a system to collect and allocate funds to the research and engineering projects to speed things up.

So there is still a lot more work to be done. Which is good, cause that is what i wanted to do.

At least i can connect up with other people interested and see where i could help.

So anybody who checked me out and wants to get involved just as much as i do, come to space fellowship. That is where "freespaceships" is going to germinate at this stage. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

THIRTEEN: space fellowship

Their articles seem to be much better than

Though maybe i am just biased or something.

It could be that does writing for general public, whereas space fellowship is targeting the people specifically interested in the industry.

I am not sure.

But i really like the system on that site.

Articles to inform the community, then nice forum where people can talk about diverse fields of topics, and even very specific subjects. Neat look and easy to navigate. And it works really well on my phone too so i can visit it on my phone when i work away from home without any headaches.

Another note:
today on the way to work i managed to do a bit of talking to nerds in #hackerspace room on mirc.
I had another suggestion from one of them regarding how to flesh out the plan for freespaceships while it being open source.

Start a wiki.

It did sound quite promising and i might look into that very soon.

Also the tall co-worker of mine, let's call him Mr. A, suggested that i should do some youtube videos to get the idea out there to a larger audience.

So that is also on my agenda at the moment.

Constantly thinking about the problem, and drawing up plans in my head, i need to put more of it on "paper".

Documentation is where it all starts.

Pointed out another helpful mind in #hackerspaces room.

I love how i get help from all over the place. :) It is great.

The crowd sourcing is already in place, it's just the crowd is very tiny at the moment, and i have to force them to engage me with annoying questions right in their faces. :)

So i am proud to announce that we have our crowd sourced space program up and running.
There are others, but ours is better. :p

Other improvements:
i think i figured out a possible way for funds collection right from the start, and all crowd sourced as well. :) It is basically all of us starting to save pocket change into an online high interest savings account of our own that we dedicate for this project. I incidentally have one already from earlier, and i actually jokingly named the account spaceshipfund when i opened it more than a year ago. :)

It would be all self managed and self controlled. You decide how much you put in there, you decide how much you keep in there, and when the system is up for mobilising the funds towards research, you can directly make the transactions to the target accounts.

So there would be no need for our website or organisation to handle any of the money. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not, i guess the problem is that we all suck at saving. But if we want this project to go ahead, and if we want our free ticket to space, we will need to learn how to do it.

Now this would make it hard to monitor the available funds, but if you also kept your profile up to date about your available funds, we could monitor the global funds we have. With more organisation we could provide the research groups with key data they would need to predict how much funding they can expect on longer term, and so using us or partially utilising us, wouldn't be so much more different than getting funds from private investors or governments.

This would require a lot of self control on the individual level though, which might be an issue.

Also it might be harder to integrate this system into our games.

Comments on this would be welcome.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TWELVE: helpful hands

Today i managed to clock some actual discussion hours both with my co-workers and also this afternoon with somebody who actually works in research.

I love these discussions. I feel like i am growing with every extra bit of information or insight i receive from others.

So basically i had a better look at hackerspaces and then went into the chat room on mirc to talk to some nerds. It worked a treat. :)

I need to look through the log and read the important bits again to fully digest what has been discussed.

One key problem is that we need to know the problems. I might have had some vague idea why R&D is slow, but it probably is very flawed. Which means the problems i see, might not be the real problems. So for us to figure out how to speed research up, we need to find the problems.

For instance, even if we had a crowd to poor funding into research, the actual research institutes might not be keen to utilise the resource because it wouldn't be as reliable of a source as their normal government or private industry funds.

Then there is the problem of how the money gets allocated.

Can it really be decided by the people, or can it only be done by an expert board?

What sort of balance could we strike to help create a sense of "ownership" or "contribution" or "involvement" for the general public, but still manage the spend the money the right way?

Then there is the problem of people not liking failure. Research is inherently littered with not succeeding, and people generally don't handle disappointment well. If my understanding of people is correct.

So to keep their continued interest and to keep them contributing resources, they need to be compensated for failure. This effect of being disillusioned in something just because you failed during the few first tries needs to be sorted out.

Probably there is something in the "scientist" mindset or outlook on things that makes them less prone to being disillusioned by failing. 

About research funding:
It seems that a "kickstarter" kind of set up wouldn't be attractive for research institutes because they wouldn't be able to predict how much you are going to get on a continuing basis.
So if that is the case, we need to make sure that our funding is just as predictable as funding by governments or private sector.

Then there is the issue that if the funds are gathered based on what looks good for the public and not on what actually has scientific merit, or if the research institute has good scientific record, then the money might not end up in the right spots.

And there is the issue of failure. To make sure that the research is not a dead end we need constant review.

All in all, it was great to chat with somebody who is actually doing research.

I think the trick is going to be to allow for parts of the system to monitor the state and communicate with other parts.
The researchers need to know how much money is going their way, and how reliable that source is going to be, because they need to plan out their budgets according to the available funds.
The crowd needs to know how the research is going, and what it all actually means. They need to be informed about what is happening, to help their decision making. This might require experts providing helpful comments or tutorials to explain issues or reasons why things aren't going the way they planned. The crowd also needs to be informed where more resources are needed so it can be allocated and sent efficiently.

I want to do it more.

On another note:
i really need to plan out the whole system more and present it in a way people can look at it more critically and point out specific problems they see. I am not sure how to do that. I probably will need to draft up something quite long and detailed.

Now to keep with the spirit of open source i am planning to do it all out in the open. I am not sure where yet.If you have any suggestion, just shoot me a comment or something.

At any rate i think i have too much on my plate. I need to sleep, but there is all these things i need to do to keep going at this project and try get more people interested so i can have great discussions like the one this afternoon.

So much to learn, so many problems to solve, and so little time for it.

Maybe i should do a crowd sourced crowd funded longevity project first, cause at this rate i will need 100 lifetimes to get this project barely started.

But really, i don't need to live a 100 lives. I just need 99 other people living one life to add to mine. The problem is it is going to be hard to get one extra dedicated member.

It all comes down to motivation again.

Stupid motivation...

Anyway i need to restructure my time and efforts to make more use of what i have.

So i need to cut down on reporting and spamming. A lot of people will love this bit. :)

I need to increase reading relevant literature and also planning specifics. I also need to increase documentation of actual progress but without the useless crap filling.

I also want to start gathering more data about the project. I need to figure out what data is relevant and would be useful.

And at the same time i still need to keep the crowd engaged however little that engagement might be for now.

Fill out the poll people, tell your friends about us, think about the problems, and leave comments if you have some spare insight to shoot my way. Everything will be greatly appreciated.

Remember there is a tea party to attend on the far side of the moon, and it's not going to be easy to get there. But that is why i want to do it.

ELEVEN: in medias res!

Hackerspaces is actually more than just what i thought it was, they do have a global space program started up, they have projects people would be working on and they are trying to coordinate their efforts.

It is very new too. So it is quite interesting.

Also they have hackerspaces all over the globe and they are easy to get to. I might visit the one in Melbourne quite soon to see what's it about. 

But anyway my suspicion has been confirmed. The internet facilitates such organisations and their appearance.

But they haven't grown into something that everybody would know about. Like what NASA is.
Let alone a project that would be handling billions of dollars a year to carry out research and engineering.

So there is no way to draw in the public and get them engaged in the projects because the public doesn't know, and even if they knew, it is really hard to get engaged with dozens of disjointed projects all over the internet and the globe.

What all these separate programs need is a central hub. Where they all could communicate, they all could share their know how, they all could coordinate efforts, attract attention, and eventually attract funds from the public.

For me it feels like we have 10 different encyclopedias and they are all missing pages and whole chapters here and there, and nobody has actually bothered to put them together so we could have a whole encyclopedia instead of a whole lot of pieces everywhere.

Why is that so?

Nobody feels the need for more connection and cooperation?

Or am i missing something?

Is this the pinnacle of human cooperation over the internet?

Are we at top speed already when it comes to coordination/research/development etc?

I can't believe that, cause that would mean we suck really bad. :)

It could be just my impatience.

Or it could be everybody else being satisfied with current rates of development.

But just think about all the useless chatter we conduct on facebook or twitter. It astounds me that we have this amazing tool in front of us, and we use it for tingling our brain with some small talk.

So how do we get things into high gear?

I think we need to improve and increase the amount of communication between our disjointed online and real world efforts.
I think we need to improve and increase the movement of resources to support our online and real world efforts.
I think we seriously need to do a large amount of marketing to get more people interested and involved.

If people can be brainwashed into smoking, why can't we brainwash them to get involved in R&D. 

We have millions of current younger generations cracking fictional problems as a means to entertain themselves, when they could be cracking real problems with real world benefits to themselves and others, and it could be just as much fun.

The reason is because the real world problems aren't packaged right, and aren't put in front of them to be solved. The older generations take care of those problems, so the younger ones can live a sheltered and unrealistic life.

It is funny because in a hunter gatherer society, the younger generations mature way younger, and become responsible part of their societies early on. In our case we have people like me who take decades to start contributing.

It doesn't make sense.

We should be engaging the new generations early on with real world problems, allow and encourage them to contribute. Otherwise they will just chose the fictional realities where their contribution is rewarded and respected and where gratification is easier to get.  

So it seems we have a lot of work to do still before we can say we have an up and running crowd funded crowd sourced global space program that rivals programs like NASA in its productivity in terms of scientific and engineering output.

Now if you agree with what i am ranting about, go to either freespaceships google group, or the space fellowship forum and join our crusade. If you are in space fellowship, look for "box". That's me.

Though space fellowship has a bit of an issue. It takes ages for posts to be moderated and put on, so communication is insanely slow. I think that explains why it is quite deserted, despite the good setup, and the awesome content. It isn't really people friendly.

I hope that can be changed, otherwise i might have to find another spot for my project tree to germinate on. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TEN: sleep is for losers

Thanks to Gyuszi i have found another great project online.


Check out the link at the top.

We are speeding up it seems.


I don't have time to go through and read what they do and how, but i had to put it up here. They are coming with us, even if they don't want to. :P

I have a long reading list now.

2 actual books Rick gave me.
Then the book Gyuszi shared with me about linux.
Then i have this hackerspace website to check out.
Then i have to also go through the forums of space fellowship.


"Busy, busy, busy."

If you spot where the quote is from, you will win a prize.

Comment away!


The universe is playing tricks on me. :)

Follow that link and read the last post. It is a block of text, it is from 2 years ago, and it is basically freespaceships.


The idea has been around longer than i thought.

And it lead me to itself.

I just simply stumbled on it, when i was looking through the fellowship forum and then gone to a topic about raising capital for a space company, and there it was.

Nothing seems to have happened since.

And it is interesting how he joined the forum, then posted it there, and then nothing happened. He didn't even bother going back and working more on the idea.

Something either happened to him, or there is a crowd sourced crowd funded space program out there i don't know about.

Come out come out wherever you are!

Anyway i am going back in there, and will continue where he left off. I will start a new topic, and see where it goes. :) I encourage you to come along, so join the fellowship and join the discussion there as well.

The more we discuss the sooner we will get things done. /once we get bored of discussing shit/

EIGHT: Heaven and Hell


Today i found a cool website i wish i knew existed 5 years ago.

I was just searching on google for information about how many people are interested in space research and exploration, and i found spacefellowship. I put the link of it to the top.

It is a news website like, but it also has a better forum where people like me go and nerd out.

So i joined with my old nickname "box" and i am planning to move some of my efforts of convincing people of our cause over there. We definitely need more enthusiastic nerds to get the system built.

Speaking of building the system, my wife keeps telling me i should be getting into that part and start getting at least the voting part of the website up.

I might get to that eventually, but at the moment i am still trying to flog it off on to the crowd. I am lazy, and i know the crowd is lazy too. The question is whose laziness is going to win this fight? Is the crowd going to wait for me to do everything to the point that they have their free ticket to space? Or can i just wait for the crowd to do it all for me, and i will just take the free ticket when it is offered?

Well the answer is somewhere in between i believe. I would have to probably write a couple hundred rants before FSS /freespaceships/ becomes seriously awesome, and i bet the crowd would have to wait a couple of months if not years for me to get enough expertise in java to write the whole system myself. /especially at current rates, i am stuck around halfway through the beginner java course i was doing before FSS hit me in the head/

I got a bit distracted there.

Yeah so we need more nerds, and we need more non-nerds but still interested peeople. We only have 8 people in the forum, out of that only 3 have posted anything at all, and out of that it is only me boring everybody else. I want other people to have a go at boring me and others with their long rants.

I wanted to go straight to the forum on space fellowship and put my proposal in front of them. See what they think.

But i became a little bit worried when i had to sign an agreement that they can use any content i put up there any way they like. It made me worry that they might decide to try and rip the crowd off.

Then it made me think again about all those big corporations "owning" a large portion of the internet. What if they decided to capitalize on this idea as soon as they become aware of it?
It would mean again that they potentially could rip us all off while we are trying to do something cool. They could also seriously screw us over.

Then there are governments that might decide to try and stop us in many ways. Tax the hell out of us. Outright ban our operations. etc...

Then i realised again what the core idea is. It is to freely share ideas, and to freely share surplus resources. In my case this idea is a surplus resource, so if i want to be true to this idea, i need to freely share it with as many people, and as many corporations, and as many organisations, as possible.

I shouldn't worry for 2 reasons.

One is attachment. If i get too attached to this idea, i will be very disappointed if it doesn't work out the way i imagined. And that is why we usually live unhappy lives, so i just simply should practice what i believe in. I shouldn't worry about how other people treat the idea and make use of it, i should let the idea go and fly free as ideas should. Hopefully people will improve it, and when it gets back to me, it will be way better than how i let it go.

The other one is sticking it to the system. SCREW YOU WORLD!
I am not going to play your game of tripping people over just so i can stuff my pocket.
I am going to play my game. I will give my surplus resources to anybody who wants it, so i can get my free ride to space and beyond. If it doesn't work out the way i imagined, at least i followed my ideals and i will still die with a smile on my face. I defied you world, and it makes me happy. :)

So what i am planning is to share the idea with the big ones. If they haven't already thought of this and aren't yet working on this, they probably will very soon. Especially once they get my proposal.

The interesting and funny bit will be if they try to compete against one another. Then i will know how pathetic the human race is. :)

For me this all is already a game. And it is a ton of fun so far.

Now if you have read this, and want to be involved in the project, and if you think my plan is a bad idea, this is your chance to speak up. Stop me.

Or else i am going to try and contact google, facebook, microsoft, apple, paypal, amazon etc.

I know that our project is only me ranting on this blogger and in the google group, but the idea itself is something that seems to be sparking some interest. And if i was involved in any of those companies, i would be already spending millions on getting the system off the ground.

So Mr. Crowd: If you want it differently, speak up, or else i shall keep speaking for you.

p.s.: i doubt any of those companies will take me seriously at this stage, however i still think they should know that the ball is rolling.

I already let one of the writers on know, i believe my mail got lost in the inbox or she failed to see the awsomness of the idea. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

SEVEN: Lies and Science

I lied.

Well I promised I would rant about something in the 7th blog, but I can't find what it was supposed to be, so I am going to just ignore that promise and move on.


If you look at the page view counter, you can see a nice little peak in the visits to this blog. It was on the 9th and 10th of May, we had over 100 views.

I tried to replicate it with spamming in the newer articles on but it didn't quite work.

I wonder if all the people who actually read the discussion part at the articles have already viewed the site and dismissed it as bullshit, and only a tiny fraction decided to fill out the poll, and even a smaller fraction decided to actually join the group and start getting involved. I wonder how many of them returned several times, or subscribed to the mailing list or something.

There are all these questions in my head and I really would like answers for them.

How many "nerds" who are active on the Internet are there on this planet?
What fraction of them would be interested in this project?
What fraction of them would be willing to contribute to this project?
What fraction of them would be willing to continuously contribute to this project?
What fraction would be willing to contribute significant amount of their resources to this project?
What is the distribution of these nerds across the globe?
What is their social, economical, biological, religious backgrounds?

Who else apart from "nerds" would be interested?
What fraction of them would be willing to contribute to this project?
What fraction of them would be willing to continuously contribute to this project?
What fraction of them would be willing to contribute significant amount of their resources to this project?
What is the distribution of these people across the globe?
What is their social, economical, biological, religious backgrounds?

That is a whole load of questions that would be handy to answer as we are going along, so we can know more about what to expect in terms of involvement, in terms of growth, in terms of potential for achieving our goal.

Motivation also fits right here.

How do we motivate people to come and check us out?
How doe we motivate them to join and start contributing?
How do we motivate them to continue contributing?

Then there are questions about the organism itself.

How do we grow ourselves a more efficient and more fun social organism than the ones we already have in place?/nations, cities, whole of humanity/
How do we organise ourselves in more efficient and enjoyable ways to avoid the current flaws of our societies? /poverty, health problems, mental problems, environmental problems, philosophical problems etc./
How do we get millions of people cooperate without them wanting to trip each other over along the way? /This is a major issue, because our current systems seem to be built on people tripping each other over to reach their personal and even national goals. It seems to be the norm, and it is bullshit./

So yeah, lots of questions we need answers for, and it wouldn't hurt if we used science instead of gut feeling and dogma to answer them.

Other updates:

I created a facebook page because I hoped I could comment with that on, but only individual profiles can comment, so it was a bit of a failure. But the page is up, I need to put content so people could come and check us out on facebook as well. Don't have much time for it though at the moment.

Now I need to go to to spam a bit.

Yesterday I got too involved in some discussions and I got sidetracked so I didn't get enough spam in I think.

Anyway, if you read this and have any input go to the forum or leave a comment here.

All great projects started with people talking about it.

So come on people, talk ffs.

yes I do swear occasionally, I try to minimise it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

SIX: work and spam

Yesterday i didn't have time to be active on, i wonder if that is why the climb in the amount of views has fallen.

I made up for that and replied to comments on, and i also spammed a bit.

So if you want today's rant just go there, there are two.

It's in the nasa budget cuts article here.

I know this is a pathetic rant.

Sorry internet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FIVE: How to bore people with walls of texts on /extended edition/

Ron Bennett I wanted to reply to Tina's replies but her comments are gone so i will put the two together with a reply to you.

I was trying to make a double point.

One is that as an average Joe our only contribution to this awsome project /humans going into space/ is our tax dollars if we live in a rich enough country that can afford space programs, or buying products from large multinational companies that can afford to spend some of those profits on projects like this.

Just enabling some of us to become extremely rich by buying a product leads to amazing innovations when those people decide to do something cool with their money.

That is all fine for now, and if i wasn't so impatient, i would be still just reading and watching TED presentations, and maybe once in a while check out some
webcasts of science courses.

But i guess watching TED was a bad move. Because the free ideas i got exposed to had sex in my head, and i realised that with the internet at my disposal, i could do so much more. 

Which leads to the other point i was trying to make.

I could be actually involved. In my freetime i could be working on my own space program. AND i don't need to be a millionare, nor a rocket scientists, or live in a rich country. As long as i have the internet i can do it.

Of course for that to work, i need to convince other people that they could do the same.

WE ALL could have our OWN space program. We could be working on sending satellites up there to do science, we could be doing the science itself. We could work on helping out with the engineering, we could freaking design and build our own colonies, our own spaceships...etc...The only requirement is access to the internet which seems to be possible for 2 billion of us already, if i remember the recent statistics correctly.

The only thing that is stopping us at the moment is our own mindset.

This idea that in life its everybody against us, so we have to fight back and compete for survival. Eventhough what makes our species so successful is cooperation.

It's our own nature that for some reason pushes us into inactivity, and letting things just happen with us, instead of making things happen. Eventough we freaking hate it when things don't go the right way, and we do tend to blame others for it as well instead of reacting and moving along.

It's fear of failiure. Eventhough if we just put effort in, and get some help, we could do pretty much anything.

For instance i LOVE the idea of being able to hop on a spaceship and going for a round trip of the solar system. It doesn't matter how long it would take, it doesn't matter if at the end i would drop dead or even half way.

There is no way i will ever have the chance to do that in my lifetime unless the speed at which the technology necessary for such a trip is developed way faster, and the price of the trip falls so much, that when i retire i can buy a ticket on a space cruise ship without braking my wallet and going bankrupt.

My only other chance would be hoping for large inprovements of longevity therapies and hope that they wont be too expensive either, and then i can just wait it all out. I might have to wait a while at the current rate of progress.

I mean they are talking about humans visiting Mars by 2030 or something. I will be bloody 47 by then.

By that time i want way more progress in this field. We might have it. But i think it will never happen if people don't realise how important this is.

This whole thing is probably more important than the appearance and large scale diversification of multicellular complex life. 

Of course we wouldn't be here without that happening, but it will all be for nothing if life doesn't get off planet. And by life i mean more than just single cellular organisms being blasted into space by asteroid impacts.

This is where the whole future of this biosphere is decided. Wether it will die along with the sun, or it multiplies and expands beyond the solar system.

And it doesn't matter if you think we are alone in the universe or if it's teaming with life, this is a massive step for any living planet.

But people don't see it that way. They don't realise the significance of it. It dwarfs all our problems, all our individual little puny lives.

Because we all will DIE. But if we manage to save and spread "life as we know it" into more of the universe, we have actually lived up to our potential as a sentient mature species that actually cares about what happens after they are gone.

It blows my mind how much we get caught up in our everyday struggle against eachother, when there is a massive universe out there we could be busy exploring and populating with critters of all kinds.

And i want to be more involved in this monumental project than just watch others do work instead of me.

Come and let's do something cool. 

If you have read so far and i managed not boring you to death please do the following:
-do the poll that is just on the side, i need feedback from you to see if we have a future.

-join the google group, the link is on the side. Even if you are not going to post, it will help me to see how many people actually think this project is worth their attention. 

-please talk back. Even if you completely disagree in every point i make. I need people point out problems, so i can put that on a list to solve before this project can take off for real. 

-please don't give up. The difference between great innovators and average people is that the innovators didn't give up. This project is not my project. I want it to be all of our project. Make it your own, become an innovator yourself and start working on it. I don't give a flying fuck who gets the credit, i just want to see humans doing great things before i die. And i'd prefer it wasn't an epic fail at becoming a space faring civilisation by letting our population crash and our biosphere get wrecked. /damn thats another rant i need to do.../

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FOUR: How to get involved?

Follow in my steps.
0. Get really excited! :) I am. 

1. Join the freespaceships google group. That is where we will try and solve the problem set we need to chew through to get off planet.

2. Start up a gmail, a blogger, google+ account, and facebook, we could use these sites to create our social network.This will be our communication hub. It will enable us to organise ourselves locally and globally. Efficient communication is just as essential as efficient handling of funds.
3. Get active: Use your head and figure out what we need to do, then if nobody is doing it yet, start doing it. At the moment number one priority is to grow the crowd. The bigger the better. We need a lot of people so the one hour "work" here and there each can spend on this, will add up to millions or hundreds of millions of man hours and we can get stuff done. Also it is essential for funding the project to have a large amount of people involved and willing to chip in with their pocket change.

4. Start saving: create your own space fund. A jar or a piggie bank will do, and any pocket change you can spare for this will help. At the moment we neither have the amount of people nor the system to handle the funding process that will be essential for our program. If enough people do this, we could move serious amounts of money towards the key projects to get the price of accessing space down.

5. Stay active: never give up. There is always more science and engineering that needs to be done to do more exploring, more colony development. We could enter a second stage of a growth phase necessary for interstellar expansion. Getting into orbit and colonising the solar system is only the beginning, we will have a whole lot more to do after that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello World!

So the great evil corporation that is taking over the world, and seems to be eyeing space as well has helped us.

If i knew about Blogger earlier, and had a look at it earlier, this would have already been done ages ago.

Linking the forum and the appspot page was easy as. I also linked TED and for obvious reasons.

I have a plan for money collection straight from the start that doesn't require anybody paying anybody else a single cent :) /well not untill some time in the future/

And i have a massive rant brewing in my head as well. I don't have time to put it on today though.

Sorry World!

You are going to miss out on today's rant.

See You Later World!

Monday, May 7, 2012

TWO: leverage

Thank RICK!


I managed to implement Rick's suggestion.

Using google products as a "leverage" to develop our system.

The more i look at all the available free software, the more i see how we only need to pull it all together and put them to work.

So here i am on Blogger, i customized the page a little bit to suit the theme.
I also made point to this blogger page, so people can more easily come here and check the project out.

Tomorrow i will try and fit in the appspot page, and the forum into this picture.

I also need to do a facebook page to collect followers who are reluctant to leave the comfort of facebook.


Hello World!

:) freespaceships has a website :P


hahahahahahahahahahaha :)

Good things about both blogger and google forum is that i can just use gmail to see if anybody comments on either. This might be one of the best parts of this system. It is just a more sophisticated mailing list.

Also Blogger allows for people to share blogs through other social media. That is great for spreading news.

This is awsome! :)

One: Life

I love life, the biological phenomenon that blankets our planet. It has been around for quite a while, it solved so many problems along the way, and it has all the solutions in front of us, free for us to implement in the systems we are designing.

I think biomimicry is going to play a major role in solving the problems we are facing with freespaceships.

We are trying to build a complex system of cooperation of millions of components. We need to figure out the most efficient way to orginise communication, interaction, allocation of tasks, sharing of resources, decision making etc.

I believe that the system we will develop here could become the base of a new form of  "government" that our space colonies will need in order to survive.

We cannot afford the economic volatility screw with availability of resources. We cannot afford to have people inactive because they can't find a job. We cannot afford to let people lack the basic requirements for a decent human life. We cannot afford to allow for profiteering dictate what we eat, what we do, how we treat eachoth+er, how we entertain ourselves, basically dominate our whole lives.

All of those things will have to be left behind down here. 

So how do we design a whole new way of human cooperation that actually works better than the current ones in place?

We copy paste.

Our own body operates on the constant cooperation and interaction of billions of cells. If we had a closer look at what systems are in place to coordinate their interaction, and if we compared that to our current large scale systems, we would find a lot of similarities already.

The question is, are our current systems the most efficient way of organising ourselves on the scales of millions/hundreds of millions/billions of people?

Could we do better?


Here are a couple of propositions that we might be able to test with our system:
-"decentralised" decision making:
At the moment we elect people into positions where they make the key decisions to initiate actions we take as a society.
What if instead of elected people, anyone who is interested in a subject could get involved and become part of the system that makes the decisions? Basically increasing the amount of people involved in making a choice, or developing responses.

In our case i envisaged a voting system, where people who are interested in a subject vote with putting money towards it.

So if i am interested in zero-g agriculture, i would find and send money to the group who is doing the research into the subject.

Now as an individual i have a very limited amount of money, but if a lot of people decide to send their money that way, the research could be sped up.

But because we still don't have cheap access to space, a lot of people probably would think that rocket science needs more of our attention first, than large scale agriculture in orbit. So the collective would put resources towards different projects based on what people think our priorites are. 

So a large amount of people could collectively decide what subjects to study, who should be doing the research, and how much research they should be doing.

The global decision is made from individuals making small decisions like where to spend a dollar.

-free "decentralised" education:
I also envisioned building education into this system. Make it integral part of it. So that if somebody is interested in a subject, they can find the relevant information, and actually get involved in the research. We already have online courses, we already have a plethora of information on the internet.
But we still don't seem to have a system that would provide excelent quality and up to date education for anybody, about any subject, without any tuition fees apart from the internet access that is required. / If there are, please let me know because i want to use their services. :D /

All the research projects could have their profile where all the information necessary to understand the current state of the poject is already present and pulled together. Kind of like a mini specialised course in the subject. Wikipedia is a good example of such a source, however it is not interactive or detailed enough to be educational.

This would have a double purpose. It would help train the necessary researchers of the future, but also would help people who are interested in the subject make better decisions about where to spend their dollar.

-free crowd computing:
Both people themselves offering their expertise in answering questions, and computers that are part of the network sharing computing power and data storage.  This is already implemented by the internet itself.
Though it would be quite handy to do the physics modelling needed for engineering on the "crowd" computers.
Freely sharing data and insight belongs into this category.

-"decentralised" task allocation:
Everybody finds something to do that is within their capabilities, and that needs to be done, and then they do it. Nobody waits for tasks to be allocated to them, unless their specific role requires such standby position.
This would mean there needs to be a way for people to communicate who is doing what, and where more help is needed, what specific tasks need to be performed. 
It also needs people who want to be active and do things, which might be a bigger problem, and this is where motivation comes in.
But in the core it is merely allowing the individuals to govern their own involvement, they chose where, in what way, and how much they want to be involved. 

These are the key ideas i wanted to explore with this system.

Now i have no idea if this all is bullshit, or we could indeed use the above mentioned stuff. That is why i am here trying to talk to people to get a discussion happening so we can work out the details of our system.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

One thousand rant march!

I thought I will try a kind of an awareness campaign, but instead of marching somewhere else, I will just try and write a thousand rants about freespaceships or issues regarding the space industry.

Hopefully by the end the internet gets so annoyed at me that the crowd sourced spaceprogram i am working on will become a reality.

Untill then you all shall suffer!


blue origins

It is great that we have so many companies working on getting humans into orbit. More hands make light work.

If only we could get even more hands working on this.

Oh wait, WE CAN!

When I realised that I can actually try and get more people like myself actively involved in this industry I got too excited and wanted it all to happen straight away.

Now I can see the long distance marathon that we all have to prepare for, if we want to live to see human colonies off world.

So hi there people of Earth.

If you want to be more involved, come and have a chat with me in the google group "freespaceships" or check out my blogger "freespaceships".

I am trying to get more like minded people involved in this great effort of humanity. I mean people who work outside this industry, but just can't stop being drawn to it and it's achievements. Like myself.

For now it would only mean getting more of us realise that as a "crowd" we could have more significant input into this than a minuscule portion of our tax, or profit large companies make from services we use, or rants and attention focused on news websites like

Think of SETI and the computing power people who were interested in the project donated towards it. What if we did physics modelling for these research and engineering institutes but for completely free? Just because it would help them, and would speed up their research and free up more of their resources for other things to spend on.

We could consciously funnel more of our resources like pocket change towards these projects if we believe that it is worth it, or if we think that it would be cool to have human colonies in space. Absolutely no return expected, only the possibility of getting access to space so cheap within our lifetime, that any of us could become future colonists as easily as it happened before in human history.

We wouldn't need to wait for governments or large multinational companies to make decisions on our behalf, we could take intiative and do it all for ourselves.

All we would need is a couple of million "nerds" world wide from all backgrounds, age groups, cultures who are willing to actually work for something just because it is cool, and not because it will get their bank accounts stuffed with money.

I just would love to see one day people living all over the solar system, and I don't see it happening in my lifetime unless I get off my ass and try do something about it. So here I am trying to get other people off their ass as well. :D

So while it is awsome to read about these articles, come on people of, you could do so much more than just read what other people are doing. You could be like those other people, and you could start doing cool things yourself.

Like becoming part of a crowd sourced crowd funded space program that will be a major contributor towards humans leaving their cradle. :)

It all comes back down to individual people working together, and sharing their resources to reach a common goal.

So come on.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


It amazed me how many people complained about the delay.

Then other people complain about people complaining about the delay.

Then people point out that its normal and healthy to delay in an industry where the risks are high and margin for error is tiny.

Then there is me.

Trying to convince all these people that instead of just reading about these things and ranting about what is not satisfactory about the space industry or the organisations involved, we could actually get involved and start contributing in meaningful ways. Do actual work, provide actual funds, plan actual missions etc...

There is always extra hands and heads that could be used in the industry, we have the internet to connect us all, why don't we make use of it?

Come on people, lets do this.

freespaceships FTW !!!

p.s.: I am not giving up spamming until I die, or we do start up the worlds first crowd sourced crowd funded space program, visit freespaceships on blogger and join the rantvolution of this century!

Problem Solvement

I love playing games. Like playing with the english language as you can see in the title of this blog.

I think we all love games because of our spaghettimonster given ability to solve problems. We are not only good at it, we crave it. Our brain hungers for problems to solve.

When our lives become to easy to deal with, when we get most of the necessities of survival handed to us, we just make up problems and drama for ourselves to keep our brains busy.

It is what keeps us happy. Notice how people who become inactive for some reason also become depressed. I have been there myself.

Also notice how people who go through extreme hardship and have a ton of problems tend to have a way more cheery and happier view on life.

There are exceptions but I believe that is the general trend. I have seen "poor" people with smiles you couldnt wipe off their face, and "rich" people who could never smile unless drugged in some way or form.

How does this tie in with freespaceships?

I believe that this problem is insanely hard to crack.
I also believe that that means it will be a whole heap more fun than the usual problems we generate for ourselves.

It is far superior than any computer game, it is far more awsome than any of our current problems because of the long term implications of solving it.

We have got ourselves into deep shit with our population explosion, the network of problems that it lead to is very complex too. But that problem was created by our lack of long term thinking while solving medical and economical problems of our past. We didn't consciously chose to create these problems, they just emerged from our interactions and individual decisions.

Solving freespaceships would mean solving the key problem that lead to all our global problems. Lack of long term thinking, lack of large scale efficient interaction and cooperation of intelligent beings.

This is why I started to rant at you world. Because I realised that the reason I can't have things I would like, is because my interaction and cooperation with you is not sufficient enough. I need to be more forward thinking, I need to try and see the large picture, I need to try and better the ways I interact with you.

This is what fss would be about.

I still havent given up, I am still offering my resources I can spare for free. My only hope is that more people will realise the superiority of cooperation based on freely shared surplus resources versus cooperation based on exploitation to acquire surplus resources.

We could start with freely sharing our thoughts and insight.

This is all "free" here, you can freely steal it.

*conditions apply: all this ranting was possible because of systems of exploitation that are still in operation. That means people suffered and died for every single word you have just read. I am aware of the fact that there aint no such thing as a free lunch. I am not that naive. I am trying to use "free" as a sales pitch as it has always been used. I do hope that you will realise that life doesn't have to be that way and that we could actually physically change all that with changing the rules we chose to play this game by.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have no idea how to motivate people to join my efforts.

It is hard because we all are driven by different things. I personally just love science, the universe, and everything.

I keep putting "freespaceships" in front of the thousands of people who visit, maybe i will have a couple of catches soon.

It is like fishing. I am fishing for like minded people who can see a hard problem when they see one, but instead of getting turned off by it, they want to actually try and solve it. Just for the fun of solving problems.

I think most of the people are skeptical about how to get millions of people involved. I believe the key is not to worry about the millions, but worry about yourself. If you are interested, get involved. That's what i did 4 weeks ago. I was interested, i found out a way i could potentially be involved in the space industry, and now here i am trying to spread the good news:
-nobody needs to be left behind
-anyone who is interested can get involved
-if we do it right, we could all get a free ride to space
-as long as we are willing to work on the problems of getting up there without expecting any other return, but getting up there.

The key is to not let other things like money distract you.

When i first had the idea, i thought about what happens if somebody makes this idea their own, and make millions off of it. I got worried.

Then i realised /with some help :)/ that if somebody steals the idea and achieves the goal i have in front of me, then i have won as well.

I practically cannot lose this game.

Even if i never get up into space, if the project kicks off, it could be a significant contributor to other people getting up there.

So what are we waiting for?

We all have some money to spare: If i could, i would fork out 10 dollars right now for this project. I probably could afford a heaps more over longer periods of time. All it means to me is less useless crap i buy for myself or others around me.
We also have interest in the space industry: i love the cool pictures made by our space telescopes.
We also have free time on our hands: i should be sleeping because i am tired and have to go to work tomorrow, i am still here trying to convince others to join me. Nevermind the time i managed to spend on thinking about this just by utilising times when i don't need to pay attention to other stuff. Like traveling time.

Come on people. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Attention People of Earth!!

Hello people of Earth.

So I have been a bit busy lately with work and private life. But i haven't stopped meanwhile.

Everyday i am thinking about this, every day i have chats with somebody around me about the problems freespaceships is going to have to deal with if we want our teaparty to happen.

No. 1.: human nature
No. 2.: human nature
No. 3.: human nature
No. 4.: getting my water posioned by kgb agents :D

I guess no 4. would mean that i won't have to worry about any more of our problems, so it might not be a problem to begin with.

I should put that on the solutions list.


I even had a chat with my awsome boss about the whole project, and because i am a lucky bastard, today i spent a couple of hours discussing the issues while driving around with him.

So there is work being done while other work is being done.

I am also kind of occupied wiht DND as well. So it all comes back down to No. 1.: human nature, even in my case.

What I mean is this:
-i see a massive problem in the way we conduct our lives and interact
-i see that because of this problem we have a fair chance of going bust and nature resetting us to a pre industrial level quite soon. /i doubt we will go extinct, but we certainly might just drop 80 percent of our population or something.../
-i live the cushiony life of a "westerner" eventhough i am currently quite "east" and a lot "south".
-Yet i still manage to distract myself from what is important and urgent, and do something else that is neither, but is definitely more fun. :D

So there it is. One of our core issues. Seeking instant gratification, instead of sustained gratification. I might be happy this weekend when we play DND with my friends, but will these weekends last? Will i be able to play DND till the day i drop dead cause of old age? Is my ability to play DND for decades to come actually dependent on me sacraficing more of my time trying to have a real go at sorting out serious issues we all share?

I don't know if any of you know what freespaceships is about. I don't know if i managed to communicate the goal/vision clearly yet.

But in my mind, it would be what humans will do. It isn't going to be vaging wars for resources we could be sharing, it isn't going to be trying to screw eachother over petty shit that doesn't matter over hundreds or thousands or millions of years timescales.

It is going to be us humans exploring our universe that is here for us to enjoy. It would be us humans taking care of the parts of this universe we have become responsible for by deciding to meddle with it. It is going to be us humans growing up in the good sense. /thats another rant...about growing up the right way and the wrong way and all that.../

None of that is possible without us growing some brains. We actually need to be orders of magnitude smarter than we are now, and we need orders of magnitude more action on our behalf using our smart brains. We can have all the theory in the world, if nobody actually takes action, then it is wasted knowledge.

This means we need way more scientists than what we have now. Not only that, but we need everybody to become a "scientist" regarding their own little world they create around themselves. That requires awareness of the complex systems around us that we are integrated part of. It also requires some form of understanding of these systems. We cannot afford to live in ignorance.

This also means we need way more working hands. All these smart ideas and good decisions need to be carried out. We need people to take initiative and actually do something. It is all fair and dandy that i am ranting at you right now, but if i didn't actually try and do something more, this all would be a waste of time. I want to do more. I am prepared to throw money at this thing. If there was a system i imagined, i would be already hooked and I would be sharing my spare change and free time.

So yeah.


Meaning that if we play this game right. In a couple of decades we could have the technology of self sustaining colonies outside our biosphere. It is a monumental task, but it is also an insanely large leap for the biosphere.

Just try and think about this.

Life appears on this planet at some point, we can argue about how and when. Then it evolved or got told to grow some brains. Again we can argue about timescales and methods, it's irrelevant for this argument. Then here we are. A species that is actually capable of jumping ship and getting out of this gravity well. We can physically do it. What we have done with it so far is satellite porn and couple of boot prints.

I am aware all the great advances of this field of science/engineering, but for the general public that is all that the space program means. Some bootprint, and the ability to watch stupid tv shows from anywhere in the world. The fancy science is only enjoyed and appreciated by a very tiny fraction of the population. And i am ignoring 80 percent of the population because they are stuck even before they could enjoy satellite tv or the fact that somebody stepped on the moon. /they are busy starving and being poor on our behalf/

Now what do we have in line for the future?

Short timescales and on the level of individuals: certain death for all. There is a minor chance that the first "immortal" person is already alive today. But going by what we know about life is that we are all going to die within the next 80 years or so.

Short timescales and on the level of human civilisation:

Our civilisation as it is will certainly collapse, there is no question about that. We haven't got the resources to lift the rest of humanity out of poverty into the lifestyle us westerners enjoy now, because it is just not possible. Even a simple back of the envelope calculation shows the massive issues we would be facing. If you actually go into details the problem pile just keeps growing.

Long term timescales on the level of all life we are aware of at the moment:

This biosphere is going to collapse as soon as the energy source /our sun/ becomes unable to provide the right amount of energy to sustain key physical conditions on the surface. If the planet itself survives the sun bloating up and then shrinking into a white dwarf /in about 5 billion years/, and if our planet doesn't lose all its water, maybe the bacteria already living in the curst will last for for a couple more billion years but thats pushing it. Complex life as we know it might only have 1 billion years on this planet and then the window closes for it in this part of the universe /As some scientists predict that Earth is going to get too warm because of the sun getting warmer and the oceans will just evaporate away slowly till its only a desert planet that is left. This is completely separate from current climate change issues, its pure solar physics as we understand it atm/.

Even if we only look at the species level, it is merely a couple of million years that any given species exists for before they go "extinct" or just disappear in the sands of time because they changed into a whole heap of other species.

Insanely long term timescales on the level of ALL life in this universe:

The universe will grow cold and barren. If our current understanding of it is correct. Now if there is nobody trying to solve that problem, no matter how long life manages to hang on. Eventually it will be game over.

I know there are a lot of people out there who believe in metaphysical divine source for life, and they believe that even if all that science reveals is true, since God is alive, even when the universe dies, there still will be life. Or better yet, God will never let the universe die.
To these people all i can say is: What if you are wrong? I love your proposition and belief, i would love to exist indefinitely like God. But what if this belief and conviction is wrong? And the only way life will ever survive its "creation", is if it takes control over itself and its surroundings and figures out a way out of the heat death that is imminent as far as we can tell.

If i am wrong, we are all safe we don't have to do squat.
If you are wrong, we have a whole heap to do if we want to survive and last.
Which horse should we put our collective bet on?

If we don't get smart and don't start acting on the smarts, these DEATHS will catch up to us. Individual death i would love to avoid, but even if i don't, the hope that humanity lives on still makes it somewhat bareable. But if humanity decides that it is not important for life itself to survive for the insanely long timescales, then there is no point in me bothering about me living indefinitely because i will be all alone in notime.

This all sounds irrelevant while being hit by the GFC and people losing their jobs, or while most of humanity is still stuck in a life that is "inhumane" and stupid. But i think it is all connected.

Our insanely long term survival depends on now. Every now. And in every moment of our life, we need to realise that there is more at stake than just our ability to buy a laptop, or even our ability to feed ourselves.

There is this magnificient amazing thing around us that we are integrated part of. We call it the universe. It is the most mindblowing thing i have ever experienced. :D And we just ignore it altogether. Because we are too worried about feeding ourselves.
But the reason we are too worried about feeding ourselves is because we didn't pay attention to this amazing thing around us. It is right there. It shows us clear signs of what to do, and what not to do. We just chose to ignore it.

There are ways to feed and clothe and educate all of us. There are ways to allow for all of us to aspire for more than just struggling to survive for some intermittent insignificant amount of time. But so far we haven't done much to find these ways. If we had, we wouldn't be sitting in the middle of this massive problem pile all around us.

So this is what i have in my head as the vision for freespaceships.

A way to solve our problem pile. A way to actually reach an insanely long term and insanely large scale goal, that is to survive the universe and anything it can throw at us, and do all that while enjoying ourselves.

Of course this means putting ourselves into a different perspective, and re-evaluating our actions, our morals, our ethics, and our way of interacting with eachother.

Is this all worth it?

I have no idea. I personally would love to see how it all turns out in millions and billions of years down the track, because i love the universe. But thats only the opinion of just one spoiled nerd out of 7 billion of dissatisfied and unhappy Earthlings.

I need to stop ranting, i have to cut trees tomorrow and i definitely don't want to drop any of them on my head...