Sunday, May 6, 2012

blue origins

It is great that we have so many companies working on getting humans into orbit. More hands make light work.

If only we could get even more hands working on this.

Oh wait, WE CAN!

When I realised that I can actually try and get more people like myself actively involved in this industry I got too excited and wanted it all to happen straight away.

Now I can see the long distance marathon that we all have to prepare for, if we want to live to see human colonies off world.

So hi there people of Earth.

If you want to be more involved, come and have a chat with me in the google group "freespaceships" or check out my blogger "freespaceships".

I am trying to get more like minded people involved in this great effort of humanity. I mean people who work outside this industry, but just can't stop being drawn to it and it's achievements. Like myself.

For now it would only mean getting more of us realise that as a "crowd" we could have more significant input into this than a minuscule portion of our tax, or profit large companies make from services we use, or rants and attention focused on news websites like

Think of SETI and the computing power people who were interested in the project donated towards it. What if we did physics modelling for these research and engineering institutes but for completely free? Just because it would help them, and would speed up their research and free up more of their resources for other things to spend on.

We could consciously funnel more of our resources like pocket change towards these projects if we believe that it is worth it, or if we think that it would be cool to have human colonies in space. Absolutely no return expected, only the possibility of getting access to space so cheap within our lifetime, that any of us could become future colonists as easily as it happened before in human history.

We wouldn't need to wait for governments or large multinational companies to make decisions on our behalf, we could take intiative and do it all for ourselves.

All we would need is a couple of million "nerds" world wide from all backgrounds, age groups, cultures who are willing to actually work for something just because it is cool, and not because it will get their bank accounts stuffed with money.

I just would love to see one day people living all over the solar system, and I don't see it happening in my lifetime unless I get off my ass and try do something about it. So here I am trying to get other people off their ass as well. :D

So while it is awsome to read about these articles, come on people of, you could do so much more than just read what other people are doing. You could be like those other people, and you could start doing cool things yourself.

Like becoming part of a crowd sourced crowd funded space program that will be a major contributor towards humans leaving their cradle. :)

It all comes back down to individual people working together, and sharing their resources to reach a common goal.

So come on.

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