Saturday, May 19, 2012

SIXTEEN: failure

Current big news in the industry is that Spacex's falcon nine launch didn't quite go as hoped.

Now a lot of people might view it as failure or a bad thing. And watching the de-briefing I saw that the representatives of Spacex and NASA seemed to have been quite annoyed and maybe embarrassed.

I am not sure, my emotion detectors don't work well. That is the impression i got from their body language.

I think it is all right.

Failure means you haven't predicted the behavior of the universe around you accurately enough.

It is understandable especially if you consider the amount of factors at play.

Now luckily they had lots of safety procedures in place to dynamically react to such misjudgement of how things should have turned out. The launch aborted, no hardware got damaged, and they can try again later on.

That is the key difference between a good system and a bad system.

Good systems are dynamic and respond to situations when expectations aren't met.
Bad systems ignore those situations and usually crash, fall apart, or explode.

We cannot afford ignoring even the tiniest anomalies, because those anomalies can spiral into chaotic and unpredictable responses from the complex systems we are dealing with all around us.

Learning of any type is based on simple principles:
Collect information.
Make predictions.
Test predictions.
Collect information from the tests.
And document the hell out of the process.

There is a lot of failure along the way, more failure than success because the universe is complex and hard to predict.

BUT the only way to actually get to those accurate predictions and methods of prediction is to push through a whole pile of failure. Push through  with brute force of determination, and subtle tweaking of human ingenuity.

That is what is common about all our great scientists,  explorers, people of great achievements. They pushed through when other people would have given up. They came up with new solutions when other people thought there was none.

It is part of what makes us humans great. That we fight despite the odds, that we strive for something more than just a mundane life of short term survival.

Now none of them were really special. Any of us could have been just like them. Our brains practically work the same, and we all have the same capacity to solve problems. The thing that made them special is their internal drive to keep going. And that is something that can be acquired, it can be thought, and it also can be awakened.

I used to be fairly comfortable in my own little life. Then i realised the only thing that is stopping me from getting involved in the field i really love is myself. Despite the fact that I have no university degree, or that I have no millions of dollars, I can still get involved and start working on problems that I think need to be solved.

So here I am, having a crack at a problem that seems unsolvable to all the people I have talked to so far. Everybody was more or less skeptical about it. Heck I am skeptical about it. I like being skeptical about stuff.

But if I or somebody else never actually tries and does the work to figure out the specific problems, and what possible solutions we could come up for them, then it certainly never will be done.

I already found a couple of people that seem to have been thinking about this same thing from many different angle. I am going to try and join the discussion with them, also try and find all the outlying parts and get them together with us.

Once we have our heads together, we can crack this. I am absolutely confident.

It might take a couple of decades, but once we are done, the potentials of a project like this can be unlimited.

Just think about it.

And once you have done that, come and have a chat about it at space fellowship, or here, or shoot me an email.

My email address is all over the internet. 
I have also just recently got back on mirc, so if we can arrange it I am available for live chat as well.

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  1. Ok spamming phase has ended.

    I recieved a harsh but reasonable request to stop spamming

    I think i have enough data to think about for the next couple of weeks.

    I also need to read up on rhetoric. I will definitely need it if i want to convince more people to join the project.

    I have viewing data, i need to try and correlate that with the spamming times and events i did on, and also other activities like joining space fellowship

    I hope i can get some sort of useful information out of all of this. I NEED information.

    Actual work here i come.