Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EIGHT: Heaven and Hell


Today i found a cool website i wish i knew existed 5 years ago.

I was just searching on google for information about how many people are interested in space research and exploration, and i found spacefellowship. I put the link of it to the top.

It is a news website like space.com, but it also has a better forum where people like me go and nerd out.

So i joined with my old nickname "box" and i am planning to move some of my efforts of convincing people of our cause over there. We definitely need more enthusiastic nerds to get the system built.

Speaking of building the system, my wife keeps telling me i should be getting into that part and start getting at least the voting part of the website up.

I might get to that eventually, but at the moment i am still trying to flog it off on to the crowd. I am lazy, and i know the crowd is lazy too. The question is whose laziness is going to win this fight? Is the crowd going to wait for me to do everything to the point that they have their free ticket to space? Or can i just wait for the crowd to do it all for me, and i will just take the free ticket when it is offered?

Well the answer is somewhere in between i believe. I would have to probably write a couple hundred rants before FSS /freespaceships/ becomes seriously awesome, and i bet the crowd would have to wait a couple of months if not years for me to get enough expertise in java to write the whole system myself. /especially at current rates, i am stuck around halfway through the beginner java course i was doing before FSS hit me in the head/

I got a bit distracted there.

Yeah so we need more nerds, and we need more non-nerds but still interested peeople. We only have 8 people in the forum, out of that only 3 have posted anything at all, and out of that it is only me boring everybody else. I want other people to have a go at boring me and others with their long rants.

I wanted to go straight to the forum on space fellowship and put my proposal in front of them. See what they think.

But i became a little bit worried when i had to sign an agreement that they can use any content i put up there any way they like. It made me worry that they might decide to try and rip the crowd off.

Then it made me think again about all those big corporations "owning" a large portion of the internet. What if they decided to capitalize on this idea as soon as they become aware of it?
It would mean again that they potentially could rip us all off while we are trying to do something cool. They could also seriously screw us over.

Then there are governments that might decide to try and stop us in many ways. Tax the hell out of us. Outright ban our operations. etc...

Then i realised again what the core idea is. It is to freely share ideas, and to freely share surplus resources. In my case this idea is a surplus resource, so if i want to be true to this idea, i need to freely share it with as many people, and as many corporations, and as many organisations, as possible.

I shouldn't worry for 2 reasons.

One is attachment. If i get too attached to this idea, i will be very disappointed if it doesn't work out the way i imagined. And that is why we usually live unhappy lives, so i just simply should practice what i believe in. I shouldn't worry about how other people treat the idea and make use of it, i should let the idea go and fly free as ideas should. Hopefully people will improve it, and when it gets back to me, it will be way better than how i let it go.

The other one is sticking it to the system. SCREW YOU WORLD!
I am not going to play your game of tripping people over just so i can stuff my pocket.
I am going to play my game. I will give my surplus resources to anybody who wants it, so i can get my free ride to space and beyond. If it doesn't work out the way i imagined, at least i followed my ideals and i will still die with a smile on my face. I defied you world, and it makes me happy. :)

So what i am planning is to share the idea with the big ones. If they haven't already thought of this and aren't yet working on this, they probably will very soon. Especially once they get my proposal.

The interesting and funny bit will be if they try to compete against one another. Then i will know how pathetic the human race is. :)

For me this all is already a game. And it is a ton of fun so far.

Now if you have read this, and want to be involved in the project, and if you think my plan is a bad idea, this is your chance to speak up. Stop me.

Or else i am going to try and contact google, facebook, microsoft, apple, paypal, amazon etc.

I know that our project is only me ranting on this blogger and in the google group, but the idea itself is something that seems to be sparking some interest. And if i was involved in any of those companies, i would be already spending millions on getting the system off the ground.

So Mr. Crowd: If you want it differently, speak up, or else i shall keep speaking for you.

p.s.: i doubt any of those companies will take me seriously at this stage, however i still think they should know that the ball is rolling.

I already let one of the writers on space.com know, i believe my mail got lost in the inbox or she failed to see the awsomness of the idea. :)

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