Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EIGHTEEN: noob, i am!

So I was away for just one night luckily, but there is still progress to report about.

I am a complete noob, and it seems the Internet doesn't work properly. Or maybe I just didn't spend enough time to look for crowd funded crowd sourced space programs. I found 2 by just looking through the forum on space fellowship.

The Planetary Society

Neither are exactly what I imagined, but both have aspects of what I had in mind.
I haven't had a chance to look at both in more detail, but it seems there is plenty of websites and organisations where space enthusiasts can go and enjoy being space enthusiasts.

My question to you Mr. Crowd, why haven't you told me at some point that there were already these projects/websites/organisations out there?

I mean why haven't you told me when I was spamming, or when you came here and checked my lame blog out?

Out of 600+ views not one actually resulted in somebody putting me out of my misery and telling me:
"Hey you idiot, you are a bit late, there are all these cool projects already out there. Get with the age!"

I can see two reasons for it:
1. none of you actually knew about these websites/organisations
2. you are too lazy to actually tell a fellow human being about stuff you know but they don't seem to know

If it's the 1st case: these organisations need more marketing.
If it's the 2nd case: no wonder we have no space colonies yet.

There are of course exceptions, I had 2 people comment here. They were very helpful, but what about the rest of you?

Anyway I am trying to get things going in space fellowship. As I encounter these new information bits I constantly rethink my position and where I want to head with freespaceships. It would be better if more people joined me along this journey but it seems even the people I manage to chat to find it hard to think of this project as their own. Unless they already have their own project and they don't want another one.

Oh well. We will see.

I already suspected ages ago that my idea wasn't anything new, now that I got it confirmed I feel a lot calmer now. I can relax and not worry about whether I succeed or not, it seems others are already halfway there. I am not giving up though. As I watched this video about the liquid propellant engine the Copenhagen suborbital company is making, I realised that it doesn't matter if other people have already done something that you wanted to do. You can still do it for the heck of doing it, or try and do it a little bit differently.

There are other websites and organisations out there that do what I am trying to do, but they don't really work the way I would like them to work. So i will have to build my own system and hope that others will like it more than these other ones out there.

Well actually because this project was supposed to be crowd sourced, I am only starting the whole process. I hope that as we go along, more people will join and we can do things better than how others have done this already.

It seems there are many options for the average Joe like me to get involved in this industry.
I hope this project is going to become one of them too.

If any of you have any input about the direction freespaceships should head, please let me know.

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  1. I think i need to slow down even more.

    One step at a time.

    I will really try and force my focus on trying to figure out where the crowd is, how big the crowd is, what makes the crowd tick.

    Once that is all sorted out, we will have more chance getting the crowd together under one roof.

    So first i will get back to my data and organise that, and then i will try and look through all sorts of other sources.

    While watching the copenhagen suborbital video realised i could just check out space related videos on youtube and count the views on them.

    I can also look through all the websites and forums out there and see what number of followers they have.

    There is truckloads of data out there.

    Now if you already know of any statistics or websites or studies done on this subject, it would be extremely helpful if you shared it with me.