Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ELEVEN: in medias res!

Hackerspaces is actually more than just what i thought it was, they do have a global space program started up, they have projects people would be working on and they are trying to coordinate their efforts.

It is very new too. So it is quite interesting.

Also they have hackerspaces all over the globe and they are easy to get to. I might visit the one in Melbourne quite soon to see what's it about. 

But anyway my suspicion has been confirmed. The internet facilitates such organisations and their appearance.

But they haven't grown into something that everybody would know about. Like what NASA is.
Let alone a project that would be handling billions of dollars a year to carry out research and engineering.

So there is no way to draw in the public and get them engaged in the projects because the public doesn't know, and even if they knew, it is really hard to get engaged with dozens of disjointed projects all over the internet and the globe.

What all these separate programs need is a central hub. Where they all could communicate, they all could share their know how, they all could coordinate efforts, attract attention, and eventually attract funds from the public.

For me it feels like we have 10 different encyclopedias and they are all missing pages and whole chapters here and there, and nobody has actually bothered to put them together so we could have a whole encyclopedia instead of a whole lot of pieces everywhere.

Why is that so?

Nobody feels the need for more connection and cooperation?

Or am i missing something?

Is this the pinnacle of human cooperation over the internet?

Are we at top speed already when it comes to coordination/research/development etc?

I can't believe that, cause that would mean we suck really bad. :)

It could be just my impatience.

Or it could be everybody else being satisfied with current rates of development.

But just think about all the useless chatter we conduct on facebook or twitter. It astounds me that we have this amazing tool in front of us, and we use it for tingling our brain with some small talk.

So how do we get things into high gear?

I think we need to improve and increase the amount of communication between our disjointed online and real world efforts.
I think we need to improve and increase the movement of resources to support our online and real world efforts.
I think we seriously need to do a large amount of marketing to get more people interested and involved.

If people can be brainwashed into smoking, why can't we brainwash them to get involved in R&D. 

We have millions of current younger generations cracking fictional problems as a means to entertain themselves, when they could be cracking real problems with real world benefits to themselves and others, and it could be just as much fun.

The reason is because the real world problems aren't packaged right, and aren't put in front of them to be solved. The older generations take care of those problems, so the younger ones can live a sheltered and unrealistic life.

It is funny because in a hunter gatherer society, the younger generations mature way younger, and become responsible part of their societies early on. In our case we have people like me who take decades to start contributing.

It doesn't make sense.

We should be engaging the new generations early on with real world problems, allow and encourage them to contribute. Otherwise they will just chose the fictional realities where their contribution is rewarded and respected and where gratification is easier to get.  

So it seems we have a lot of work to do still before we can say we have an up and running crowd funded crowd sourced global space program that rivals programs like NASA in its productivity in terms of scientific and engineering output.

Now if you agree with what i am ranting about, go to either freespaceships google group, or the space fellowship forum and join our crusade. If you are in space fellowship, look for "box". That's me.

Though space fellowship has a bit of an issue. It takes ages for posts to be moderated and put on, so communication is insanely slow. I think that explains why it is quite deserted, despite the good setup, and the awesome content. It isn't really people friendly.

I hope that can be changed, otherwise i might have to find another spot for my project tree to germinate on. 


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