Saturday, May 19, 2012

FIFTEEN: actual science

I have a hypothesis:

My views dropped because from all the people who visit, and amongst my friends on facebook, everyone already got exposed to my spam, and have either checked this page out, or have ignored it.

The views that i had was 463 when i put the first spam that had the correct url in it.

"Science experiment no.2.:

testing effectiveness of spam to attract people to website
testing effectiveness of correct url used in spam"

no.1.: was a failure because i screwed up the url.

Not really spot on with the documentation but it will do for now.

I have spammed 2 articles on so far, i am going to go back to spam more, i am just putting this up here cause in the second spam i promised i would share the hypothesis i am testing.

So there.

Now if you are interested keep in tune.


  1. Ok i will get my own ball rolling.

    So i finished with this wave of spam. It took about 1 hour.

    We have 473 views now, and i will use the post time for this comment as starting point of time. /though i don't need this, the inbuilt statistics already logs these informations, i only need to watch the data and see what happens./

    I made sure that all spams had different filler so it isn't too painful to read. Though maybe i achieved the opposite effect.

    Now i am waiting for a peak, or lack of in the views.

    The failure of the falcon 9 launch might just help a little bit to get some more publicity for this idea and draw somebody in who would be interested in working on this with me.

    If not, i will just keep going by myself and the odd input from people i get to chat with.

    Now if you are interested, either come and comment here, or go to space fellowship, or shoot me a message or email, or smoke signal.

    It's not like i make it hard to contact me.

  2. Ok i had a closer look.

    There is a smaller peak at 10 pm, and it drops down. Now i am at 11 pm and wondering how things will go from here.

    My guess is that as people wake up in the US and check out, they will see the spam and if they haven't seen my spam, and didn't get too annoyed by it, and i managed to play on their curiosity, then we might have another of those 100 view/day peak i had once already.

    If not, i will probably have to rethink the next step of trying to find my online co-workers.

    Maybe i should do a job add or something.

  3. Interesting:

    I noticed on that a solar eclipse article got 120 thousand views, but an article about the first private launch to the spacestation got only 20 thousand.

    I wonder what that means.

    Are people "ignoring" the technological developments and are only interested in cool astronomical events?

    Maybe rocket launches are too common for people to care whereas a solar eclipse is way bigger of an attraction because it can be viewed by way more people.

    I don't know, just insanely curious.

  4. Nearly 1 am, and i can see a peak growing already, but i don't know when it will stop.

    I would love to have the whole data set and make it all audio, and listen to it.

    I looked at the "now" section of the stats and you can see when individual visits occur. If each visit was a *tick sound, and if at the same point in time more than one visit happened the *tick would be louder, it would be really interesting to listen to the rise and fall of views, and just all that information about pageviews encoded in sound. :)

    Hey google, something cool to work on. :P

    i freaking love science, and it's fun to just do it so freely :D

  5. I definitely need better documentation, and planning for these experiments. :)

    But it's a good start still.

  6. Nof if you are wondering what is all the crap on this profile and would like to give me a piece of your mind, please go ahead.

    I am eager to talk to anybody even people who think i am a lunatic and could only insult me or tell me why the project will never work.

    I know a secret:
    I cannot win this game, and i cannot lose this game.

    I am completely free.

  7. lol i managed to double the
    "fuck of this is the stupidest idea ever" part of the poll


    Well, improved statistics is still improvement.

    I am glad though that even people who are completely annoyed and don't think this project will do anything managed to help with answering a simple question.

  8. This has proved more interesting than i thought.

    I will definitely not spam for a whole week counting tonight, to see if the background views have increased.

    If i can get my math into gear and dust calculus and statistics of, i might be able to figure out some key information i need as well.

    Busy, busy, busy.

  9. All time target audience data.

    United States 236
    Australia 149
    Canada 34
    United Kingdom 27
    Russia 20
    Hungary 12
    Germany 8
    Hong Kong 3
    Slovakia 3
    Belgium 2

  10. All time reffering sites data. Obviously facebook leads because i spam in a facebook plugin on

    The some of the google searches is by people who looked me up when i only had freespaceships mentioned in my spams.

    Space fellowship i can understand easy, i just joined recently, i have a signature with the link pointing here.

    The other weird ones i have no clue about. I am suspecting some sort of net crawler bots or something, i am not sure.

    At any rate i am making good use of facebook so far. Goodle hasn't been much of help so far, but that might change in time. 167 14 14 6 5 3 3 3 3 2 1

    Now about longer trends i can't say much, i hope the views will keep climbing because that meanst at least people come back.

    Using the background level the views drop back to after this peak we are experiencing now, we could try and measure/calculate the succes of such a spam event.

    If i keep doing the spam events and collect data from them, i might be able to gauge the size of the potential crowd we could get together only from the US.

    I might need help of professional scientists, if any of you have any experience in this kind of stuff. Leave a comment, i would appreciate it a lot.

    Otherwise i will do it myself, i am not phased.

    Thanks for your time people, you are the best.

    Even the ones who hate my guts, i don't hate you at all. :)

    I have to sleep now, it is nearing 4 am here.

  11. I like your general concept. Not so sure it can be pulled off.
    As far as what to fund, I would suggest simply contribute to the best of projects already running. That is in my opinion 1 to SpaceX and 2 to Bigelow and 3 to AD Astra All of these companies are already achieving successes and despite their commercial goals, are pursuing idealistic expansion into space. One additional small company that really needs (and merits IMHO) funding is JP Aerospace If you succeed in raising money, you could list a few places where the money could go to, and distribute it according to the poll results. Don't make any promises about ongoing support.

    Personally, I don't have two nickles to rub together, but if I did contribute I would like to contribute to They are not into space but cheap no-pollution electricity. This started as a research project to power a Moon community, but is more relevant here on earth.

    I don't understand you profile requirement, I don't belong to any of these groups so I don't know if I can post this.

    1. Hi Roy,
      I am not sure either.

      But I want to give it a darn good shot before I drop dead

      Funding: unnecessary and impossible without a crowd of some size already working on this.

      It will also be inevitable, if the crowd is made of active and switched on people who want to make a difference and want to work for it.

      Contribution: money is not everything.

      You already contributed by coming here, reading about the proposal, and then freely sharing your insight.

      Yes we will need money to do large scale proper work, but at the moment what we need is people like you. People who are not afraid to share their ideas, and who are generous enough to enter into a conversation with a complete stranger without expecting anything out of it.

      So when you commented you did exactly what this project would be about.

      Thank you, and anyone else who has or will contribute to this. You are the future.

    2. Now to respond in more detail to what Roy brought up:

      Yes i am planning for freespaceships /or whatever it will be called in the future/ to become a third source of funds for companies like spaceX, or Bigelow, or AD Astra etc.

      Their operations are highly risky and failure is inevitable at some point. /more rant is coming up on failure/

      The solution to the problem is what government funding is about. To help them through the initial development stage when the investors would be very uncertain about the possible profits and thus wouldn't be too eager to support such enterprises.

      Governments can afford losses on these scales because their source of income is more certain and also comes from a large market, the people themselves. All of us.

      Now if we added another helping hand, which is the people themselves contributing and working for the goal, separate from all the other efforts, then we could add more backing behind these risky enterprises that we need to do if we want to get forward.

      This is true for all research and development, not just space exploration.

      Which is where Roy's pet project about clean energy comes in.

      If we could pump money into projects that don't have obvious benefits or uses for space, or have benefits but would have more benefits right now, then we would have achieved something.

      The key is making people realise that you have to pay for the future.

      Your future literally costs money, you are currently incurring debt with every cent you haven't payed for yet.

      So for instance with cheap energy that we had so far, we basically ignored the environmental costs of using said energy. So the reason why it was all cheap, is because we didn't actually pay the full price yet.

      Same goes for farming land, clean water, clean the ecological service we recieve at the moment from the biosphere of this planet, and you can bet your ass we haven't payed the price it is actually worth.

      Of course that is changing, and hopefully we can fix that problem as well.

      I am not completely focused on space, i just believe that if we do focus our attention on space, we could use that as a global driving and motivating force to get money and man hours pumped into a field /science/ that we desperately need if we want to survive on geological and galactic timescales.

      This is a fact of existence, but so far it's only sci-fi authors, scientists and nerds see this.

      It is a massive shortcoming that we need to overcome. And we need to do it fast, nature is about to step all over us, and it won't be pleasant.

  12. So i checked out all your links.

    VASIMR is one of the projects i have been following for a couple of years now. Definitely on the list of technology we will need to utilise resources and move around.

    Liquid Thorium reactors i have only heard about this year when i was in my TED craise phase. They seem to be promising as well. Would be quite useful pretty much anywhere where you need a lot of energy.

    JPAerospace and their "slow" approach to orbit is really interesting as well. I think i have seen their website last year or the year before. I can't remember. It was a pleasant surprise because i was wondering about the feasability of an approach like.

    The cool thing about all sorts of different technologies being developed is that you cannot really foresee where and in what way they can be useful. Of course there are the obvious benefits, but it is the not obvious ones that really make it worthwhile to do research and development.