Thursday, May 10, 2012

FIVE: How to bore people with walls of texts on /extended edition/

Ron Bennett I wanted to reply to Tina's replies but her comments are gone so i will put the two together with a reply to you.

I was trying to make a double point.

One is that as an average Joe our only contribution to this awsome project /humans going into space/ is our tax dollars if we live in a rich enough country that can afford space programs, or buying products from large multinational companies that can afford to spend some of those profits on projects like this.

Just enabling some of us to become extremely rich by buying a product leads to amazing innovations when those people decide to do something cool with their money.

That is all fine for now, and if i wasn't so impatient, i would be still just reading and watching TED presentations, and maybe once in a while check out some
webcasts of science courses.

But i guess watching TED was a bad move. Because the free ideas i got exposed to had sex in my head, and i realised that with the internet at my disposal, i could do so much more. 

Which leads to the other point i was trying to make.

I could be actually involved. In my freetime i could be working on my own space program. AND i don't need to be a millionare, nor a rocket scientists, or live in a rich country. As long as i have the internet i can do it.

Of course for that to work, i need to convince other people that they could do the same.

WE ALL could have our OWN space program. We could be working on sending satellites up there to do science, we could be doing the science itself. We could work on helping out with the engineering, we could freaking design and build our own colonies, our own spaceships...etc...The only requirement is access to the internet which seems to be possible for 2 billion of us already, if i remember the recent statistics correctly.

The only thing that is stopping us at the moment is our own mindset.

This idea that in life its everybody against us, so we have to fight back and compete for survival. Eventhough what makes our species so successful is cooperation.

It's our own nature that for some reason pushes us into inactivity, and letting things just happen with us, instead of making things happen. Eventough we freaking hate it when things don't go the right way, and we do tend to blame others for it as well instead of reacting and moving along.

It's fear of failiure. Eventhough if we just put effort in, and get some help, we could do pretty much anything.

For instance i LOVE the idea of being able to hop on a spaceship and going for a round trip of the solar system. It doesn't matter how long it would take, it doesn't matter if at the end i would drop dead or even half way.

There is no way i will ever have the chance to do that in my lifetime unless the speed at which the technology necessary for such a trip is developed way faster, and the price of the trip falls so much, that when i retire i can buy a ticket on a space cruise ship without braking my wallet and going bankrupt.

My only other chance would be hoping for large inprovements of longevity therapies and hope that they wont be too expensive either, and then i can just wait it all out. I might have to wait a while at the current rate of progress.

I mean they are talking about humans visiting Mars by 2030 or something. I will be bloody 47 by then.

By that time i want way more progress in this field. We might have it. But i think it will never happen if people don't realise how important this is.

This whole thing is probably more important than the appearance and large scale diversification of multicellular complex life. 

Of course we wouldn't be here without that happening, but it will all be for nothing if life doesn't get off planet. And by life i mean more than just single cellular organisms being blasted into space by asteroid impacts.

This is where the whole future of this biosphere is decided. Wether it will die along with the sun, or it multiplies and expands beyond the solar system.

And it doesn't matter if you think we are alone in the universe or if it's teaming with life, this is a massive step for any living planet.

But people don't see it that way. They don't realise the significance of it. It dwarfs all our problems, all our individual little puny lives.

Because we all will DIE. But if we manage to save and spread "life as we know it" into more of the universe, we have actually lived up to our potential as a sentient mature species that actually cares about what happens after they are gone.

It blows my mind how much we get caught up in our everyday struggle against eachother, when there is a massive universe out there we could be busy exploring and populating with critters of all kinds.

And i want to be more involved in this monumental project than just watch others do work instead of me.

Come and let's do something cool. 

If you have read so far and i managed not boring you to death please do the following:
-do the poll that is just on the side, i need feedback from you to see if we have a future.

-join the google group, the link is on the side. Even if you are not going to post, it will help me to see how many people actually think this project is worth their attention. 

-please talk back. Even if you completely disagree in every point i make. I need people point out problems, so i can put that on a list to solve before this project can take off for real. 

-please don't give up. The difference between great innovators and average people is that the innovators didn't give up. This project is not my project. I want it to be all of our project. Make it your own, become an innovator yourself and start working on it. I don't give a flying fuck who gets the credit, i just want to see humans doing great things before i die. And i'd prefer it wasn't an epic fail at becoming a space faring civilisation by letting our population crash and our biosphere get wrecked. /damn thats another rant i need to do.../

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