Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Attention People of Earth!!

Hello people of Earth.

So I have been a bit busy lately with work and private life. But i haven't stopped meanwhile.

Everyday i am thinking about this, every day i have chats with somebody around me about the problems freespaceships is going to have to deal with if we want our teaparty to happen.

No. 1.: human nature
No. 2.: human nature
No. 3.: human nature
No. 4.: getting my water posioned by kgb agents :D

I guess no 4. would mean that i won't have to worry about any more of our problems, so it might not be a problem to begin with.

I should put that on the solutions list.


I even had a chat with my awsome boss about the whole project, and because i am a lucky bastard, today i spent a couple of hours discussing the issues while driving around with him.

So there is work being done while other work is being done.

I am also kind of occupied wiht DND as well. So it all comes back down to No. 1.: human nature, even in my case.

What I mean is this:
-i see a massive problem in the way we conduct our lives and interact
-i see that because of this problem we have a fair chance of going bust and nature resetting us to a pre industrial level quite soon. /i doubt we will go extinct, but we certainly might just drop 80 percent of our population or something.../
-i live the cushiony life of a "westerner" eventhough i am currently quite "east" and a lot "south".
-Yet i still manage to distract myself from what is important and urgent, and do something else that is neither, but is definitely more fun. :D

So there it is. One of our core issues. Seeking instant gratification, instead of sustained gratification. I might be happy this weekend when we play DND with my friends, but will these weekends last? Will i be able to play DND till the day i drop dead cause of old age? Is my ability to play DND for decades to come actually dependent on me sacraficing more of my time trying to have a real go at sorting out serious issues we all share?

I don't know if any of you know what freespaceships is about. I don't know if i managed to communicate the goal/vision clearly yet.

But in my mind, it would be what humans will do. It isn't going to be vaging wars for resources we could be sharing, it isn't going to be trying to screw eachother over petty shit that doesn't matter over hundreds or thousands or millions of years timescales.

It is going to be us humans exploring our universe that is here for us to enjoy. It would be us humans taking care of the parts of this universe we have become responsible for by deciding to meddle with it. It is going to be us humans growing up in the good sense. /thats another rant...about growing up the right way and the wrong way and all that.../

None of that is possible without us growing some brains. We actually need to be orders of magnitude smarter than we are now, and we need orders of magnitude more action on our behalf using our smart brains. We can have all the theory in the world, if nobody actually takes action, then it is wasted knowledge.

This means we need way more scientists than what we have now. Not only that, but we need everybody to become a "scientist" regarding their own little world they create around themselves. That requires awareness of the complex systems around us that we are integrated part of. It also requires some form of understanding of these systems. We cannot afford to live in ignorance.

This also means we need way more working hands. All these smart ideas and good decisions need to be carried out. We need people to take initiative and actually do something. It is all fair and dandy that i am ranting at you right now, but if i didn't actually try and do something more, this all would be a waste of time. I want to do more. I am prepared to throw money at this thing. If there was a system i imagined, i would be already hooked and I would be sharing my spare change and free time.

So yeah.


Meaning that if we play this game right. In a couple of decades we could have the technology of self sustaining colonies outside our biosphere. It is a monumental task, but it is also an insanely large leap for the biosphere.

Just try and think about this.

Life appears on this planet at some point, we can argue about how and when. Then it evolved or got told to grow some brains. Again we can argue about timescales and methods, it's irrelevant for this argument. Then here we are. A species that is actually capable of jumping ship and getting out of this gravity well. We can physically do it. What we have done with it so far is satellite porn and couple of boot prints.

I am aware all the great advances of this field of science/engineering, but for the general public that is all that the space program means. Some bootprint, and the ability to watch stupid tv shows from anywhere in the world. The fancy science is only enjoyed and appreciated by a very tiny fraction of the population. And i am ignoring 80 percent of the population because they are stuck even before they could enjoy satellite tv or the fact that somebody stepped on the moon. /they are busy starving and being poor on our behalf/

Now what do we have in line for the future?

Short timescales and on the level of individuals: certain death for all. There is a minor chance that the first "immortal" person is already alive today. But going by what we know about life is that we are all going to die within the next 80 years or so.

Short timescales and on the level of human civilisation:

Our civilisation as it is will certainly collapse, there is no question about that. We haven't got the resources to lift the rest of humanity out of poverty into the lifestyle us westerners enjoy now, because it is just not possible. Even a simple back of the envelope calculation shows the massive issues we would be facing. If you actually go into details the problem pile just keeps growing.

Long term timescales on the level of all life we are aware of at the moment:

This biosphere is going to collapse as soon as the energy source /our sun/ becomes unable to provide the right amount of energy to sustain key physical conditions on the surface. If the planet itself survives the sun bloating up and then shrinking into a white dwarf /in about 5 billion years/, and if our planet doesn't lose all its water, maybe the bacteria already living in the curst will last for for a couple more billion years but thats pushing it. Complex life as we know it might only have 1 billion years on this planet and then the window closes for it in this part of the universe /As some scientists predict that Earth is going to get too warm because of the sun getting warmer and the oceans will just evaporate away slowly till its only a desert planet that is left. This is completely separate from current climate change issues, its pure solar physics as we understand it atm/.

Even if we only look at the species level, it is merely a couple of million years that any given species exists for before they go "extinct" or just disappear in the sands of time because they changed into a whole heap of other species.

Insanely long term timescales on the level of ALL life in this universe:

The universe will grow cold and barren. If our current understanding of it is correct. Now if there is nobody trying to solve that problem, no matter how long life manages to hang on. Eventually it will be game over.

I know there are a lot of people out there who believe in metaphysical divine source for life, and they believe that even if all that science reveals is true, since God is alive, even when the universe dies, there still will be life. Or better yet, God will never let the universe die.
To these people all i can say is: What if you are wrong? I love your proposition and belief, i would love to exist indefinitely like God. But what if this belief and conviction is wrong? And the only way life will ever survive its "creation", is if it takes control over itself and its surroundings and figures out a way out of the heat death that is imminent as far as we can tell.

If i am wrong, we are all safe we don't have to do squat.
If you are wrong, we have a whole heap to do if we want to survive and last.
Which horse should we put our collective bet on?

If we don't get smart and don't start acting on the smarts, these DEATHS will catch up to us. Individual death i would love to avoid, but even if i don't, the hope that humanity lives on still makes it somewhat bareable. But if humanity decides that it is not important for life itself to survive for the insanely long timescales, then there is no point in me bothering about me living indefinitely because i will be all alone in notime.

This all sounds irrelevant while being hit by the GFC and people losing their jobs, or while most of humanity is still stuck in a life that is "inhumane" and stupid. But i think it is all connected.

Our insanely long term survival depends on now. Every now. And in every moment of our life, we need to realise that there is more at stake than just our ability to buy a laptop, or even our ability to feed ourselves.

There is this magnificient amazing thing around us that we are integrated part of. We call it the universe. It is the most mindblowing thing i have ever experienced. :D And we just ignore it altogether. Because we are too worried about feeding ourselves.
But the reason we are too worried about feeding ourselves is because we didn't pay attention to this amazing thing around us. It is right there. It shows us clear signs of what to do, and what not to do. We just chose to ignore it.

There are ways to feed and clothe and educate all of us. There are ways to allow for all of us to aspire for more than just struggling to survive for some intermittent insignificant amount of time. But so far we haven't done much to find these ways. If we had, we wouldn't be sitting in the middle of this massive problem pile all around us.

So this is what i have in my head as the vision for freespaceships.

A way to solve our problem pile. A way to actually reach an insanely long term and insanely large scale goal, that is to survive the universe and anything it can throw at us, and do all that while enjoying ourselves.

Of course this means putting ourselves into a different perspective, and re-evaluating our actions, our morals, our ethics, and our way of interacting with eachother.

Is this all worth it?

I have no idea. I personally would love to see how it all turns out in millions and billions of years down the track, because i love the universe. But thats only the opinion of just one spoiled nerd out of 7 billion of dissatisfied and unhappy Earthlings.

I need to stop ranting, i have to cut trees tomorrow and i definitely don't want to drop any of them on my head...



  1. Fuck where are my linebreaks and paragraphs and all that...thats a freaking deathwall of text :) LOL

  2. ok fixed it finally, now it has linebreaks between the drops of boredom :D

  3. Look for Brokn Dodge on facebook, we should talk. This has some promise and potential. But, like any crowdsourced project, it will take time to build momentum. Linux took more than 15 years to seriously threaten Microsoft and force changes in computing.