Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have no idea how to motivate people to join my efforts.

It is hard because we all are driven by different things. I personally just love science, the universe, and everything.

I keep putting "freespaceships" in front of the thousands of people who visit, maybe i will have a couple of catches soon.

It is like fishing. I am fishing for like minded people who can see a hard problem when they see one, but instead of getting turned off by it, they want to actually try and solve it. Just for the fun of solving problems.

I think most of the people are skeptical about how to get millions of people involved. I believe the key is not to worry about the millions, but worry about yourself. If you are interested, get involved. That's what i did 4 weeks ago. I was interested, i found out a way i could potentially be involved in the space industry, and now here i am trying to spread the good news:
-nobody needs to be left behind
-anyone who is interested can get involved
-if we do it right, we could all get a free ride to space
-as long as we are willing to work on the problems of getting up there without expecting any other return, but getting up there.

The key is to not let other things like money distract you.

When i first had the idea, i thought about what happens if somebody makes this idea their own, and make millions off of it. I got worried.

Then i realised /with some help :)/ that if somebody steals the idea and achieves the goal i have in front of me, then i have won as well.

I practically cannot lose this game.

Even if i never get up into space, if the project kicks off, it could be a significant contributor to other people getting up there.

So what are we waiting for?

We all have some money to spare: If i could, i would fork out 10 dollars right now for this project. I probably could afford a heaps more over longer periods of time. All it means to me is less useless crap i buy for myself or others around me.
We also have interest in the space industry: i love the cool pictures made by our space telescopes.
We also have free time on our hands: i should be sleeping because i am tired and have to go to work tomorrow, i am still here trying to convince others to join me. Nevermind the time i managed to spend on thinking about this just by utilising times when i don't need to pay attention to other stuff. Like traveling time.

Come on people. 

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