Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The universe is playing tricks on me. :)


Follow that link and read the last post. It is a block of text, it is from 2 years ago, and it is basically freespaceships.


The idea has been around longer than i thought.

And it lead me to itself.

I just simply stumbled on it, when i was looking through the fellowship forum and then gone to a topic about raising capital for a space company, and there it was.

Nothing seems to have happened since.

And it is interesting how he joined the forum, then posted it there, and then nothing happened. He didn't even bother going back and working more on the idea.

Something either happened to him, or there is a crowd sourced crowd funded space program out there i don't know about.

Come out come out wherever you are!

Anyway i am going back in there, and will continue where he left off. I will start a new topic, and see where it goes. :) I encourage you to come along, so join the fellowship and join the discussion there as well.

The more we discuss the sooner we will get things done. /once we get bored of discussing shit/

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