Sunday, May 6, 2012

One thousand rant march!

I thought I will try a kind of an awareness campaign, but instead of marching somewhere else, I will just try and write a thousand rants about freespaceships or issues regarding the space industry.

Hopefully by the end the internet gets so annoyed at me that the crowd sourced spaceprogram i am working on will become a reality.

Untill then you all shall suffer!



  1. It's a start. I wonder if there is a sourceforge type project site for hardware engineering projects?

  2. btw, it took me 5 minutes to actually find your blog after reading the post on SDC.

  3. Yeah, I have a domain name and im working on a website to put there which would help. :)

  4. Well i actually decided to use my domain name for this blogger for now. And then from here i could have a link to go to the forum. Maybe that would work for now.

    I kept falling half asleep while doing this. :) I need more sleep at nights. :D

    1. It seems this is getting a lot of hits.

      Adjusting for "positive bias" something i just learned about on TED, i might need to do a couple more thousand rants before i get 1 person to talk to regularly.