Saturday, May 5, 2012

Problem Solvement

I love playing games. Like playing with the english language as you can see in the title of this blog.

I think we all love games because of our spaghettimonster given ability to solve problems. We are not only good at it, we crave it. Our brain hungers for problems to solve.

When our lives become to easy to deal with, when we get most of the necessities of survival handed to us, we just make up problems and drama for ourselves to keep our brains busy.

It is what keeps us happy. Notice how people who become inactive for some reason also become depressed. I have been there myself.

Also notice how people who go through extreme hardship and have a ton of problems tend to have a way more cheery and happier view on life.

There are exceptions but I believe that is the general trend. I have seen "poor" people with smiles you couldnt wipe off their face, and "rich" people who could never smile unless drugged in some way or form.

How does this tie in with freespaceships?

I believe that this problem is insanely hard to crack.
I also believe that that means it will be a whole heap more fun than the usual problems we generate for ourselves.

It is far superior than any computer game, it is far more awsome than any of our current problems because of the long term implications of solving it.

We have got ourselves into deep shit with our population explosion, the network of problems that it lead to is very complex too. But that problem was created by our lack of long term thinking while solving medical and economical problems of our past. We didn't consciously chose to create these problems, they just emerged from our interactions and individual decisions.

Solving freespaceships would mean solving the key problem that lead to all our global problems. Lack of long term thinking, lack of large scale efficient interaction and cooperation of intelligent beings.

This is why I started to rant at you world. Because I realised that the reason I can't have things I would like, is because my interaction and cooperation with you is not sufficient enough. I need to be more forward thinking, I need to try and see the large picture, I need to try and better the ways I interact with you.

This is what fss would be about.

I still havent given up, I am still offering my resources I can spare for free. My only hope is that more people will realise the superiority of cooperation based on freely shared surplus resources versus cooperation based on exploitation to acquire surplus resources.

We could start with freely sharing our thoughts and insight.

This is all "free" here, you can freely steal it.

*conditions apply: all this ranting was possible because of systems of exploitation that are still in operation. That means people suffered and died for every single word you have just read. I am aware of the fact that there aint no such thing as a free lunch. I am not that naive. I am trying to use "free" as a sales pitch as it has always been used. I do hope that you will realise that life doesn't have to be that way and that we could actually physically change all that with changing the rules we chose to play this game by.

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