Monday, May 21, 2012

SEVENTEEN: no time, relaxation

I am trying to engage the space fellowship community.

So i don't really have time to write 2 rants for today. If you wish to see today's product, you will have to go here:

I have also been stressing too much for the past 2 months nearly. I need to try and eliminate that, so i think i will try and focus my attention on that forum, and also doing more reading and studying.

Probably nobody cares, but i thought i will put it here in case somebody comes back regularly to see what's going on. /optimism bias at work/

I will also be away for 2 nights for work, so i am not sure how active i can be here.
I am going to have to let the crowd brew a little bit. Enough stirring for now.

If you just came past, please fill out the poll, or write comments to any of the blogs, positive or negative it doesn't matter. We need input.

And if you really want to get involved, join space fellowship, and join the discussion there.

Cya World!

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