Saturday, May 5, 2012


It amazed me how many people complained about the delay.

Then other people complain about people complaining about the delay.

Then people point out that its normal and healthy to delay in an industry where the risks are high and margin for error is tiny.

Then there is me.

Trying to convince all these people that instead of just reading about these things and ranting about what is not satisfactory about the space industry or the organisations involved, we could actually get involved and start contributing in meaningful ways. Do actual work, provide actual funds, plan actual missions etc...

There is always extra hands and heads that could be used in the industry, we have the internet to connect us all, why don't we make use of it?

Come on people, lets do this.

freespaceships FTW !!!

p.s.: I am not giving up spamming until I die, or we do start up the worlds first crowd sourced crowd funded space program, visit freespaceships on blogger and join the rantvolution of this century!

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