Thursday, May 17, 2012

THIRTEEN: space fellowship

Their articles seem to be much better than

Though maybe i am just biased or something.

It could be that does writing for general public, whereas space fellowship is targeting the people specifically interested in the industry.

I am not sure.

But i really like the system on that site.

Articles to inform the community, then nice forum where people can talk about diverse fields of topics, and even very specific subjects. Neat look and easy to navigate. And it works really well on my phone too so i can visit it on my phone when i work away from home without any headaches.

Another note:
today on the way to work i managed to do a bit of talking to nerds in #hackerspace room on mirc.
I had another suggestion from one of them regarding how to flesh out the plan for freespaceships while it being open source.

Start a wiki.

It did sound quite promising and i might look into that very soon.

Also the tall co-worker of mine, let's call him Mr. A, suggested that i should do some youtube videos to get the idea out there to a larger audience.

So that is also on my agenda at the moment.

Constantly thinking about the problem, and drawing up plans in my head, i need to put more of it on "paper".

Documentation is where it all starts.

Pointed out another helpful mind in #hackerspaces room.

I love how i get help from all over the place. :) It is great.

The crowd sourcing is already in place, it's just the crowd is very tiny at the moment, and i have to force them to engage me with annoying questions right in their faces. :)

So i am proud to announce that we have our crowd sourced space program up and running.
There are others, but ours is better. :p

Other improvements:
i think i figured out a possible way for funds collection right from the start, and all crowd sourced as well. :) It is basically all of us starting to save pocket change into an online high interest savings account of our own that we dedicate for this project. I incidentally have one already from earlier, and i actually jokingly named the account spaceshipfund when i opened it more than a year ago. :)

It would be all self managed and self controlled. You decide how much you put in there, you decide how much you keep in there, and when the system is up for mobilising the funds towards research, you can directly make the transactions to the target accounts.

So there would be no need for our website or organisation to handle any of the money. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not, i guess the problem is that we all suck at saving. But if we want this project to go ahead, and if we want our free ticket to space, we will need to learn how to do it.

Now this would make it hard to monitor the available funds, but if you also kept your profile up to date about your available funds, we could monitor the global funds we have. With more organisation we could provide the research groups with key data they would need to predict how much funding they can expect on longer term, and so using us or partially utilising us, wouldn't be so much more different than getting funds from private investors or governments.

This would require a lot of self control on the individual level though, which might be an issue.

Also it might be harder to integrate this system into our games.

Comments on this would be welcome.

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