Friday, May 25, 2012

TWENTY: lazyness

Today I ended up getting home early so I managed to do some more work on the website. I also did general research into the state of global collaboration in the space industry and amongst the public interested in the industry.

My wife drew an under construction image to put on the front page. I also added some more widgets to the blog to make it easier to follow me if anybody cared.

I have tweaked my mirc so it signs in automatically to the key channels I have used in the past 2 weeks. I try hard not to annoy them on a constant basis with questions. IRC is so darn useful why did i ever stop using it? I got reminded there that the dragon is approaching the ISS.

As I do more research and see what is happening I am trying to figure out where our program will fit. Trying to find my niche. :)

I watched some khan academy as an attempt to refresh my math and general understanding of science.

I also want to write up the how to get involved section and add it as an extra page at the top.
Since the blog post "how to get involved" I figured out more specific details. I will also try and explain what I have in mind when i think of "freespaceships".  Even if I get nowhere at making it a reality, somebody else might.

I wish I could watch more TED, that place has so much inspiration in one spot.

I need to do more work on our facebook page, but did edit it a little bit today. 

Overall I found websites and projects that are relevant for us, are awesomely cool, and I don't know why I never bothered to actually look for them before even though I have always been interested in this kind of stuff. 

And now i am off to play DDO with my wife. :)

So yeah, today was a nice day to "laze out".

/i feel guilty, and so extremely lucky at the same time.../

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