Thursday, May 31, 2012


I failed miserably at my first attempt to figure out how many would be interested in a crowd based space program. Since then I realised we will need way more information than that to be able to run our program.

That is why I decided that number one priority before we can start thinking about crowd doing anything, is to create a system that monitors the crowd and then feeds the information right back in. The goal is to help better decision making by all involved parties.

What kind of information would we need?

In an ideal scenario we would have different entities involved.
Ones that I can think of at the moment are:
-private companies
-not for profit organisations
-educational institutions

Depending on the entity we would need different data collected. I am only listing ones I can think of.
yearly budget spent on space related activities
specific areas of focus
if possible even more specific research projects
number of people employed
indicators of progress

-private companies:
yearly budget spent on related activities
areas of focus
specific research projects.
number of people employed
indicators of progress

-not for profit organisations, communities:
 yearly amount of contributions
amount of active contributors
where contributions are spent
indicators of progress

-educational institutions:
yearly budget spent on relevant research fields.
amount of students involved
their progress and success rates at getting employed in the industry after graduation

yearly amount of contributions
areas of focus
level of involvement

The list sucks but it's just a start. I would need to think about it more, but I also would love to get more input regarding this. 

But overall if we collected relevant data and made it accessible for everyone, everybody could make better decisions about their activities. The companies would know which way the "market" is going by looking at up to date information about activities of governments other companies or people in general.

The individuals would know better where their 1 dollar contribution or other volunteer activities are most needed, but also know better what's out there so they can find cool programs to get involved in more easily.

And overall the industry would get an upfront portal where we can actively direct non active people to try and draw them in to increase our supporting base. Overall we all need to be able to attract and keep the attention of a wide range of people.

Now if we can manage to do this, and somehow collect the attention of all space enthusiasts on one spot. We might also be able to lobby them and enable the collection of extra crowd funding to do large scale engineering that requires the collaboration of multiple nations, organisations, companies, and the crowd itself.

I believe we could create a positive feedback loop. The more people contribute with their pocket money and free time, the more investors will decide to contribute with investing in companies in the industry. The more money is drawn towards the field, the more research and engineering will be done. The more we do research and engineering, the sooner we have the technologies for cheap space access and setting up of colonies off the planet.

That is assuming we won't go bust meanwhile because of other factors. :)

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