Saturday, May 26, 2012

TWENTY-TWO: progress, links

Hi there!

About the links at the top:
- Today I added a vision page where I tried to briefly describe the current direction we should be heading, if you have any input just write a comment, we can talk about and change any aspect of it all. That's the point of crowd doing things.

-Our forum: is where we can  have more in depth and detailed conversations and think about things. I think it works well because you can interact with it through simple emails and you don't have to sign up or sign in or do any of that crap once you are a member. I am not sure if this is only available for gmail users or any other user.

-Space Fellowship: excellent news site if you want some insight into what is going on right now. They also have a good forum. The problem is the activity level is pretty low at the moment. Hopefully we can change that by channeling more people that way.

-Hackerspaces: I linked in the global space program they are running. I really like the idea of small groups of nerds getting together and building hardware or software and developing technologies in their free time. We need more of this activity. :) I am hoping to join the local group with my project and get guidance from more experienced and knowledgeable nerds about system design and programming. I am a complete and utter noob.

-TED: it is where the spark came from that made me want to do what i am doing now. They have lots of free ideas to share, and i just love learning about all sorts of new things. Great website, great organisation. We need more TED talks, and we need more TED viewers.

-Khan Academy: heard about it first on TED, then months later I got suggested by someone in an IRC room to go there if I wanted to study but don't have money or time to commit to going back to university. Excellent project. We definitely need more of this type of stuff. If we want to live in space, we need to be orders of magnitudes smarter than we are now, but we also need to do it more efficiently and cost effectively. Such educational pioneering is where our future lies.

-spacehack: Excellent place if you want to start contributing straight away but you don't have money to donate to projects like copenhagen suborbitals. Just have things run in the background as you do non intensive computer use like spending time on facebook and contribute that way.

So the way I am trying to get more involved in the industry:
-Get connected. I am trying to connect up and interact with people who are interested in the same things and have similar goals. Space Fellowship is a good spot for that, and so are hackerspaces all over the globe. There are probably tons of other places like these.

-Get smarter. I try and learn about everything relevant or anything that I might need to better understand the subjects we need to live in space. I am going to try and spend more time on Khan Academy to refresh what i have learned in high school and at university. I want to watch more TED too to keep the flow of inspiration and new ideas going. I can never be smart enough for anything.

-Give away surplus resources: I am trying to sort out my finances and figure out how much I can afford to spend on all of this. I want to donate to Khan Academy. I want to set up a computer to work on projects on space hack. I want to donate my brain power and try to figure out real world problems like how to get 100 million people globally give a dollar a day for a global space program. Not talking about TAX, I am talking about voluntarily contributing with 1 dollar a day. It isn't going to be easy, but i think it is doable given the fact that we spend heaps more on stuff on consumer products we don't really need and are actually detrimental for our long term survival.

You can try and follow my example if you haven't already done some or all of these. You can also try and find your own ways to get more active and contribute more. There is never going to be enough contribution, space is large, extremely unforgiving, and the problem pile we need to chew through before we can make ourselves comfortable up there is immense.

So let's get going. :)


  1. Just found this for you:

  2. Thanks a lot for that. I think i did read about the concept a not long ago, but i haven't actually checked their website out. :)

    I probably should write up a list of links that are relevant.

  3. Found an interesting one.