Saturday, May 26, 2012

TWENTY-ONE: parallel rantiverses

Well since last post I encountered a whole heap of new stuff thanks to people here or in irc chat rooms.

It seems as a whole we lack information gathering, processing and distribution on large scales.

I asked about the demographics and distribution of space enthusiasts, because
if we wanted to do a global crowd program, we would need to collect information about the crowd, and then feed it back into the crowd.

So I realised that the project i am working on is actually even more "basic" than lowering the price of accessing space. It is about trying to collect and distribute vital information so that the millions of people who are contributing to this industry can coordinate their efforts and also distribute resources more efficiently.

It could be it is just my curiosity, but I would love to see global statistics about how many people are interested in the space industry, what is their background, how do they contribute, etc...

I also would love to have the ability to use that information and easily decide where my contribution would fit in.

I would like to have a good chance at making a good decision in regards to that.

Now certainly there are a whole heap of websites and organisations out there, but it seems none of them have become so prominent that if anybody on the planet is drawn towards this industry, it would be the first place to go for orientation, and  where they could get involved straight away.

Some people go to one, others to another one, and our attempts of trying to move things forward are all over the place. It feels like we are pushing a car but from all directions. Our contributions aren't directed and coordinated as it is in the case of a government run space program, or private enterprises of any sort.

This very well could be a completely uneducated guess. However if I only look at the numbers of how much money 1 million enthusiastic people could be moving, and then compare that to what is happening right now, I see a massive void.

I know that governments and large corporations are already doing good and hard work, and i know both type of organisations are "crowd" based. Pretty much everything humans do is "crowd" based. I just think we could be doing a whole lot more if while we are waiting for our tax dollars to be spent the right way, or the profits large companies make are spent the right way, we also could chip in with more of our personal income or other resources and spend it the right way.

It doesn't have to be actual money, it can be anything.

I think we need a whole lot more coordination if we want our global community to achieve more than what we do now.

And for that we need to be able to connect and inform the whole community.
And somehow stir up more activity because it seems at the moment most of us are only passive participants. We love to chat about these things, we love to read or watch stories about space and going there, but our involvement stops there. It seems only a marginal portion of the whole actually end up more deeply involved.

I am a perfectly good example. And I believe i am the average "space enthusiast". Loves science, new technologies, new discoveries, but does nothing or very marginal out of his way to contribute to any of it. Partially because it is not obvious how to get involved, but also because it is not obvious that it is possible to get involved. And by getting involved I mean serious contribution not just random flares of putting seti@home on our computer.

I mean actively looking for places where one could help, and then doing it. And doing as much as possible within personal limits.

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  1. This was supposed to be a short forum post in space fellowship.

    It turned into a rant.

    Then I realised it and tried to move it here. :)

    Then I tried to keep the original post short and it turned into an another rant.

    I gave up and just posted it anyway.

    So now I have 2 rants starting pretty much the same way but going different ways.

    And I did all this because of sleep depravation, while i desperately want to sleep...

    My mind is sooooooooo broken right now.

    I hope at least the title and the wording itself makes more sense now.

    Tomorrow I will do proper drawing board type of planning, scan the bloody thing and then put it up here for you to look at criticise the hell out of.