Monday, May 7, 2012

TWO: leverage

Thank RICK!


I managed to implement Rick's suggestion.

Using google products as a "leverage" to develop our system.

The more i look at all the available free software, the more i see how we only need to pull it all together and put them to work.

So here i am on Blogger, i customized the page a little bit to suit the theme.
I also made point to this blogger page, so people can more easily come here and check the project out.

Tomorrow i will try and fit in the appspot page, and the forum into this picture.

I also need to do a facebook page to collect followers who are reluctant to leave the comfort of facebook.


Hello World!

:) freespaceships has a website :P


hahahahahahahahahahaha :)

Good things about both blogger and google forum is that i can just use gmail to see if anybody comments on either. This might be one of the best parts of this system. It is just a more sophisticated mailing list.

Also Blogger allows for people to share blogs through other social media. That is great for spreading news.

This is awsome! :)

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