Wednesday, June 27, 2012

THIRTY-EIGHT: spaceforall, farhorizons

I have been browsing the websites we already have here, and I thought I should share these two:
Found this on Mach30's website and had a quick look. They are also working on accessing space, and they are also using the balloon launch approach.
I found these guys on farhorizons's website. They are actually selling high altitude balloon laucnhes for adds or science projects. They seem to have a great team together.

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  1. Just using this site as a notepad as usual:
    Facebook apps, I need to look into them.

    At the moment I have eclipse and I am trying to get started on working on our google app site. All of that is thanks to Rick. :) Thanks Rick!

    First project is Hello Worl! as it should be. :P