Sunday, June 17, 2012

THIRTY-THREE: poll, plainstudman

How much do you want to get involved?

Fuck off, this is the stupidest idea ever.
 3 (8%)
I am curious about how it will turn out, but i don't want part of it.
 4 (11%)
I am willing to help occasionally but i don't want to put money towards this.
 12 (35%)
I want to help with anything i have, including money. Sign me up!
 15 (44%)

Votes so far: 34

So that was the result of our first poll. Out of 950 views we got 34 votes, and out of those votes only 3 thought that crowd funding and crowd sourcing a space program is a stupid idea.

Now interesting links I have found thanks to today's chat with plainstudman. I was at an AFL game and by a fluke went on irc on my phone. It ended up being productive because he helped me with some encouraging words, but also made me look at couple of the links I already had and found this one:
They seem to be trying to create a mutual investment fund for investors who do not have millions to throw at space technology development. I like the idea, and I like some of the stuff they say in their Q&A. For instance: "We don't believe that the future should be a spectator sport." 

Also plainstudman shared these:
I had a quick look at the links list and saw a whole heap of new sites I have never seen. It made me wonder how many there are out there. Otherwise it looks like a cool little news site with some interesting widgets on the side. My blog pales in comparison to all these links I keep posting here. :) Oh well, I am still in the "trying to figure out whats wrong with the internet" phase. We should have a large crowd based space program by now. We seem to have enough people for it at least.
News site with forum. Didn't have time to look through it but they seem to have more active members than space fellowship. 

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  1. New poll up at 967 views. I answered with 1 dollars. It both seems a lot and also very little at the same time.

    Compared to how much money I spend / year on useless crap, it's nothing.
    Compared to how much money I spend on stuff I need, it seems a lot.