Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We have hit 900 views and it seems some more people filled out the poll which is very encouraging.

I haven't had time to put anything up the past 2 days. I am posting this time because of just hitting 900 and also to let you guys know of the progress I have made since last time I posted.

-I joined the PERMANENT forum so I can talk to more of ourselves and get more insight into how our worldwide efforts are organised at the moment.
-I posted a topic up in space fellowship about links to organisations or websites that are space related.

SANEAlex shared these two links:

This one is basically the British version of the planetary society. They have professional members as well as just enthusiasts and they have a lot of activity.

This website is a historical recap of Britain's space activities. From the list I am extremely interested in Skylon. I guess I should probably put Reaction Engines ltd. here next.

I have been following them for quite a while now. A couple of years ago I read about the SABRE engine on wikipedia and then I got hooked. A hybrid air breathing rocket engine! Check it out cause it might be the technology that you will ride to our space station in 30 years. :)

Though their proposed seat price to LEO is still a steep 100k $ or so.  But If we get filthy rich on with freespaceships, we can buy ourselves as many seats as we want. :)

And just one more in case I won't post for another couple of days:
I have no idea where I found this or who told me about them. I remember checking out the website and I think I might have added them on google+ into my circles back then, and then they added me back just today. :) I haven't put their link up here yet even though I really like their project. They seem to also have a lot of elements of what I wanted to do with freespaceships, and they definitely have the same vision.

As my list grows I am going to need to figure a system to organise them better. Some of them I am putting into the "pages" section at the top. Thinking of the top, I need to actually work on our vision and business plan too.

I just got distracted by stuff down here on Earth. I am planning to get into UAV design and manufacture on a hobby level as part of my self education project, but I also want to use it in my day job and if it proves to be useful possibly expand it into a business. So I have been looking into hobby aircraft more specifically helicopters and quad rotor designs.

I realised that this project would be a good drive to learn more about electronics, physics, and programming in one go. All of which is essential for anybody who wants to go to space. Also it would be a good platform to use to learn business skills and just general planning of a serious project. I need more skills on that front obviously.

But don't be mistaken, this is all still because of freespaceships, and actually for freespaceships. If the crowd funding doesn't work for running a space program, I  will go the usual way and just try and get rich. I have set aside 10 years for that, but even if it takes 20 it should be still within time for our tea party on the moon. Once freespaceship is going at full steam the party on the moon bit will be a piece of cake to sort out. :) 

Signing out for now, talk to you later Mr Internet.

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