Sunday, June 3, 2012

TWENTY-FIVE: lists, fun, more work

Apart from the links I have at the top that I usually visit and use, here are the ones people posted here, or I found while looking through the web, or talking to people on forums.
An interesting website I need to find time to look through. It has been on the scene for a while. It seems it is stuck at the moment, but there seems to be a good collection of links there.
Good old trams. I like the idea, but I think unless we get large scale global support behind it, it will never be built even if it is possible to make. It is the same problem for any mega scale engineering projects. We would pretty much need all the nerds and more to support this if we wanted to do it crowd funded style. :)
Space economy report for 2011. Very informative and detailed. Probably should have it at the top of my list.  I am reading through it. It seems to be an excellent source for people like me who have no clue about the industry yet.
Very unique approach to orbit. Going the slow way. I love it. :)
We are going to need these kinds of engines if we want to move around a lot in the solar system. I personally am the fan of solar sailing, either using the radiation pressure of light with reflective materials, or the solar wind with long charged tethers. But I do think we will need a whole wide range of options for different applications, and we also can combine them in many creative ways.

(rant )
For instance use a solar sail to change the orbit of our ship to a highly elliptic one with a close approach to the sun, then use VASIMR to impart as much deltaV as close to the sun as possible, then separate the solar sail section from the VASIMR section and let the radiative pressure do some more acceleration on our lighter payload.

If we could add the solar electric sails to the picture to make use of the charge particle stream of the solar wind at the same time, we probably could reach quite high solar escape velocities. It would be cool to do the math for it.

I should probably add the links about fast solar sailing, and solar electric sails to this list at later. 
In the outer colder reaches of the solar system, we might be relying more on nuclear fission than fusion for our power source. There is plenty of fissionable materials out there ready to be used in all sorts of imaginative ways. That is assuming we wont be able to figure out fusion and get independent of our sun in that way. That itself would be a massive step towards long term survival of our species.
The coolest extreme sport in the making. Jump on a rocket and shoot yourself into space, then fall back and enjoy space diving. :) I am hoping for awesome sports like this being developed in the future all over the solar system. We could have so much fun with the physics of this universe.

On another note:
I managed to figure out the problem I had with the google app engine updating and deployment. It was funny because by the time I got to talk to Rick about it, I figured it out. I still managed to get more friendly coaching out of him to help me move along. I need to annoy him more often. :)

I can start to work on some simple applications to improve my knowledge about programming and html, and also to add some useful content to our project. First stop would be a better polling app than what this blog has.

I will also probably try and move this blog over there, and try put a better website up. Though this will be on the longer timescales of couple of months. At any rate I am moving forward, learning about new things every day.

Like this last link for tonight's rant:
Using a hydrogen gas gun to shoot cargo into space. Sounds really cool. Especially because if we want an industry in LEO we need to move large amounts of materials. I am not only thinking about fuel to go elsewhere, but also manufacturing unique composite materials using the zerog environment and its different physics compared to down here in our gravity well. We could be supplying large scale structures with required raw materials at low costs. It is a definite must if we want the vision of freespaceships to become a reality.

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