Friday, June 1, 2012

TWENTY-FOUR: views, java

It seems without spamming the views are going back to practicallynone/day. It shows the power of advertising. I might use it later, but as Rick said right at the beginning, unless you have something to show up, people will not be interested.

It is a little bit annoying because we need people who can do programming and web design and want to work on this project. I guess I will just have to put in more effort into coming up with something tangible.

I am getting back into JAVA and I will try and get my skills to a level where I can start putting stuff together. As it is said in the forum we are going to use google app engine for now. It is really hard to find time for studying though.  Maybe if I didn't waste my time on reading about the events in the industry or watching TED.

If you dropped by accidentally and you have some cool links to share, please do so. I need to see as many websites as possible.

I wonder if there is anybody out there working on the same project I am. And if there is, how much they accomplished so far.  

And just to do something new for this blog, if you are completely bored by my crap on this site, watch this instead:

We are so screwed. This is what is depressing me at the moment. Well amongst other things.

I want to see us blossom and get out there, but what I see is an epic fail heading our way and I don't know how to avoid it...

Some music to describe my mood:


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