Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TWENTY-SEVEN: atomic rockets

To keep up with listing cool links worth checking out, here is one I just got reminded of. I used to visit this site quite often 2 years ago when I wanted to write a sci-fi. I was looking through it for more details about rockets and propulsion methods in general. It is a really good site with loads of real physics, calculations, and just cool stuff in general. If you haven't been there yet, have a look and enjoy. 

Other stuff: I downloaded a business plan template from the bank I use. 22 pages long. I definitely will need to fill it out if I want people to take me seriously. Especially if I wanted to approach people with money.

I also need to write up a list of all the different systems I had in mind for handling funds and making crowd decisions.  I would like other people putting in their 2 cents and either share their own ideas or improve the ones I had in mind.

I need more legal and financial advice. Legally I am not sure what would be the best to register ourselves as. I also know that we will need a legal document to govern our internal and external activities. For instance how do we make sure that nobody can exploit us from either within or externally. I don't want to spend money and time on a project to have some other organisation or individual screw it all up.

If we ever make it big, we will be handling millions or billions of dollars annually. That means serious business, with other serious partners. I am afraid that the corporate world will just chew us up and spit us out. Especially people and organisations whose priorities don't lie along the same line as ours.

So we need a business plan.

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