Monday, June 4, 2012

TWENTY-SIX: budgets

Space budgets of selected OECD and non-OECD ccountries, 2009 Current USD million

So just by looking at this we can easily compare the amount of activity we could be funding with different sized crowds that contribute 1 dollar a day.
For example:
-1000 people contributing 1 dollar a day would have 365 thousand dollars a year to work with. This should be enough to have a fair go at the N-prize.
-10000 people could play with 3.65 million dollars. That is approaching what australia spent in 2009. This should be plenty to work on some cool robotic technologies we would need on our colonies in orbit.
-100 thousand people would have 36.5 million dollars. This would probably be enough to win the Google Lunar Xprize in one year. If not it still would get us a fair way.
-1 million people could be playing with 365 million dollars. That's SpaceX sized investment in one year.

I could keep going but you should get the picture. The point is that with large amounts of people collaborating and sharing small amounts of resources per head, can do large amounts of work. We know this, that's how countries work.

The key problem is finding and convincing the people to join and work for a common goal.

Just thought I should share this because this is the key reason why I haven't shut up. As a crowd humans have tremendously more potential than as individuals, yet we still struggle against this and we are still living our lives as if we were still alone and we had to compete with others to stay alive.

Other stuff: this morning I realised I need to draft up a business plan. I would like to do it with you guys so I will just start another page. I should start a wiki but untill we have a couple more people working with me there is no need for it yet.

I have the idealistic view that we should be a not for profit organisation, but at the same time I can see the benefits of making profit. It would mean we can spend more than what we initially invest on reaching our goal. Also if we want to subsidize or completely fund access to space for our members, then we need a healthy and extremely wealthy venture happening.

And last but not least I would like to make it clear that this isn't a pyramid scheme. :) For once we will have a legal document we will all sign and will have to abide by. I don't want to become a millionaire, or get other people pay for my trip to the moon party we have planned. I would be happy if I was the last to get there and there were already a million of us there before me. My profit from this all is to be able to do work to get life off this planet. My reward is seeing it all happen before nature takes away the privilage of life and sentience from me.

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  1. Actually I have to rephrase. I do want to become a millionaire but it's in terms of people being involved in this space program.

    I don't want personal wealth beyond what I need for a comfortable life, and I already have that.

    I would like this organisation to become wealthy. So that it can afford to support and potentially send any member into orbit and beyond. That would be in decades time. If it all works out the way I imagined. Which it probably won't but I am a dreamer so NI!

    It would be entertaining to have millions of dollars, but being a nerd I would spend it on R&D instead of mansions and cars.