Saturday, July 21, 2012


Today I have been browsing the links I have gathered so far looking at the other space programs. I was mainly looking at this one that I found at the hackerspaces global space program.


They started up flared and then it seems they have died. They achieved so much more than what I could ever hope for, there was proper forum, proper discussion about issues, but the activity seems to have faded and it all just stopped.

Though I guess it isn't really proper death because all the content they put online is still there, the discussions are still "live" and one can comment and continue, but it seems the community is gone.

Correct me if I am wrong.

I also had a look at Portland State Aerospace Society
They are cool. :)

Then I ended up looking at ASRI

It seems some organisations manage to fly while others never make it off the ground.

I find it funny that not only we have physics to deal with when trying to get off the planet, we also managed to put extra hurdles in front of ourselves that we all need to jump over before we can attempt to tackle the physical problems. 

Oh well.

So how do we run a global mass collaboration based space program?

I have no clue. :) But there has to be a way.

I have a cunning plan though.

My previous idea was to provide a platform to connect the parts and then wait for them to join and make use of the system.

My new cunning plan is to make a platform, and then join them, using the platform. The platform isn't designed to connect the organisations, it is designed to connect the people to the organisations. First person is going to be me of course. I will try and become a member of any organisation that allows for membership, or allows for signing up to their website. Then once I am in, armed with my platformX /which is kind of like unobtainium or the ???? part of the business plan of the underpants gnomes/ I can start trying to aid in our global efforts of getting off the planet.

I assume that I will always be the only active member of freespaceships so the more organisation I join the more my chances are to be involved in the one that succeeds at cool stuff I want humans to succeed at.

If  by some weird chance people decide they want to join freespaceships, then through being a member of all these organisations, all our members would also be part of these organisations. Well in a roundabout way.

There is probably legal issues involved in this approach, but I am blissfully unaware at the moment. It feels good.


To join organisations I already have an e-mail address to use to get on their mailing lists, for other types of memberships I will just use my name. I have the issue of some projects requiring membership fees, so I am going to have to come up with the money for that.

But this all will be much later, first I need to find the organisations and then figure out the ?????? part of my platform. Then we would be set for mass collaboration worldwide. Maybe. :) Well it would be more like single person collaboration with the mass of projects.

I am so tempted by all these groups and their donation button. I want to give money, I just haven't got the money to give yet.

Though today I set up my paypal account properly to get ready to start wasting my money on a stupid dream.

So hold on volunteer or donation based projects of all kinds across the globe, freespaceships is coming to volunteer and fund you with at least 1 dollar!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

FOURTY-TWO: contacts, progress

The past couple of days I spent working on the wiki. I ended up contacting Farhorizons, and MACH30 about entering them into our fledgling database. MACH30 replied first and they have been extremely friendly and helpful. So they became our first proper entry. By proper I mean completely noobish.

I also had another silly idea today that might help counting people interested in humans going into space. It would be yet another website, but this one has only one purpose. To present a google +1 button and a facebook like button.

The title is "I want to go into space.", and maybe it would have some more description about the purpose of the website but it would be one or two sentences at max. It's sole role is to count world wide support for the space industry and possible market for our space program. It would be also very easy to translate into many languages so we can poll a larger portion of the world population than just the English speaking part.

I just put that here so I wont forget.

Also just to clear something about freespaceships. Even though I talk about us doing a mass collaborative space program it really won't be "freespaceships". It will have some other name chosen by the people who will be involved. What I want to achieve is to have such a space program running so I can enjoy being part of it. I guess I should rephrase our goal and say that we are working towards working out a mass collaborative space program we would love to be a part of.

What I will do as part of the program I don't know yet. Part of it will be sending money to where it is needed to get engineering or science done. Part of it hopefully will be doing some of that science myself once I get smart enough. :)

I think to some extent for the mass collaboration to work all of us will have to let go of the vision that our project is the one that actually makes it to the top and does it all. That is not what mass collaboration is. There is no "top", there is only different positions and roles that are carried out in a coordinated fashion. Much like how our bodies work. The brain isn't any more important than our skin, or our toes. Though we can remove parts of our bodies without causing fatal damage, a healthy body still has all the parts attached operating in a coordinated fashion.

The issue is that if we want to be efficient and do large scale engineering projects with our volunteer efforts world wide, we need to pull together. There needs to be way more communication, and way more organisation, before we can do anything serious.

The way countries get funds for such activities is simply taxing large amounts of people a small amount. The way the private industry does it is through selling stuff to large amounts of people.

The way for us to build and run a proper space program is to get our hands on a large amount of people and convince them to spend a little bit of their money on something cooler than tax or a random product from the store. It would be their own space program. A kind of a mix between a bet and an investment. If the program succeeds they all can have a go at going into space, for a holiday or to live.

So hi there world, I want to get my hands on you! :P


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FOURTY-ONE: more wiki

I am exploring wikia, trying to figure out the structure for the entries, and also how to do it all.

The blog entries have fallen drastically compared to may. I can't help it I probably ranted out what I needed to rant out. I am trying to actually do something different instead.

Actually I just realised that I should just simplify the entries as much as possible, maybe getting a large list up there first would help me get a better idea about what information to collect.

I watched the video there at the top of the page, and it was quite inspirational. Especially what Chris Voorhees said about looking at a ridiculously difficult problem and breaking it down to smaller ones and solving them one by one.

Hopefully we can crack the mass collaboration problem, and we can get that party happen. Planetary Resources could supply us with some water for our tea. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

FOURTY: wiki

I started a wiki for ourselves on wikia. I was thinking of setting up our own using media wiki and hosting it by ourselves, but I thought we can do that if we get large enough. At the moment this is a nearly one person enterprise so we don't need to splurge on webhosting.

You can see the link up at the top near our forum link. I haven't put anything up there yet, but my first goal is to start the database for online collaborative space projects, news sites, blogs, space organisations. I want all to have a page with relevant statistical information I already ranted about.

If we know where the millions of space enthusiasts are spending their time and money, we can try and figure out how to divert our attention and channel resources in a more organised manner.

Feel free to contribute with anything there, add a page for yourself, your group, a page you like and visit, for your plan about how to get a million people to the moon in 30 years.

Speak up random visitor!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


In case anybody comes here and wonders why the lack of activity /probably nobody will do such a thing/:

I am continuing with my beginner JAVA tutorial
I am roughly in the middle of the tutorial. Last time when I was doing this tutorial in January I was working on the excersises for chapter six. I also started my own project which is just a simple game with a ball and two blocks to hit it around. This time I ended up jumping straight into that project after I reread the previous 6 chapters to recap on what I have learned. So at the moment I am working with timers, key and mouse events, and a little bit of basic graphics. My objective is to get a bit better at handling objects before I continue and go further.

I was also thinking about freespaceships in the meantime, and today I googled around to see what databases I could use for our system. My choice at the moment is MySQL, but if any of you guys have a better idea don't be shy and tell me I am a complete noob. The reason I thought it would be a good choice:
-wide spread usage
-free to use
-seems to be good enough for all the big guys like google/facebook to use so it should be good enough for us. :)

So the next step for me is to download and figure out how to use it so I could build the database for freespaceships.

So I have a lot of programming and new software to learn, probably should keep me busy for the next decade. I do hope to do it all while developing freespaceships so in 10 years we can also have a decent sized program running. Maybe with a couple of million dollar yearly budget. That sounds modest enough.

Regarding freespaceships, on friday I had a quick chat with someone at work about trying to "copy" what sport clubs do and make freespaceships similar to one. Yearly memberships that apart from allowing hands on involvement would also give rewards like tickets to events/places, and merchandise like baseball caps, scarfs, badges, mugs...etc.

In this regard Australia could do with a decent sized space program so the suggestion from plainstudman to start closer to home sounds even more appealing. It would be great if freespaceships could get a country that seems to be quite far behind in terms of space related activities and get it up the ladder to the front. If we could achieve that, it would certainly prove the potential of crowd funding and maybe other countries could follow in our footsteps. But this is all very far in the future of a paralel reality of fairytale land where things go always well.

Anyway that's my update for this week. I don't have any new links for now, I did check out:
But this site isn't exactly space related, it has all sorts of cool tech related news. I found a couple of interesting articles that are very relevant for space exploration and colonisation, but I won't bore you guys with lame summaries of mine. I am no journalist. :)

So anyway, talk to you later Mr. Net. I am signing off.