Saturday, July 21, 2012


Today I have been browsing the links I have gathered so far looking at the other space programs. I was mainly looking at this one that I found at the hackerspaces global space program.


They started up flared and then it seems they have died. They achieved so much more than what I could ever hope for, there was proper forum, proper discussion about issues, but the activity seems to have faded and it all just stopped.

Though I guess it isn't really proper death because all the content they put online is still there, the discussions are still "live" and one can comment and continue, but it seems the community is gone.

Correct me if I am wrong.

I also had a look at Portland State Aerospace Society
They are cool. :)

Then I ended up looking at ASRI

It seems some organisations manage to fly while others never make it off the ground.

I find it funny that not only we have physics to deal with when trying to get off the planet, we also managed to put extra hurdles in front of ourselves that we all need to jump over before we can attempt to tackle the physical problems. 

Oh well.

So how do we run a global mass collaboration based space program?

I have no clue. :) But there has to be a way.

I have a cunning plan though.

My previous idea was to provide a platform to connect the parts and then wait for them to join and make use of the system.

My new cunning plan is to make a platform, and then join them, using the platform. The platform isn't designed to connect the organisations, it is designed to connect the people to the organisations. First person is going to be me of course. I will try and become a member of any organisation that allows for membership, or allows for signing up to their website. Then once I am in, armed with my platformX /which is kind of like unobtainium or the ???? part of the business plan of the underpants gnomes/ I can start trying to aid in our global efforts of getting off the planet.

I assume that I will always be the only active member of freespaceships so the more organisation I join the more my chances are to be involved in the one that succeeds at cool stuff I want humans to succeed at.

If  by some weird chance people decide they want to join freespaceships, then through being a member of all these organisations, all our members would also be part of these organisations. Well in a roundabout way.

There is probably legal issues involved in this approach, but I am blissfully unaware at the moment. It feels good.


To join organisations I already have an e-mail address to use to get on their mailing lists, for other types of memberships I will just use my name. I have the issue of some projects requiring membership fees, so I am going to have to come up with the money for that.

But this all will be much later, first I need to find the organisations and then figure out the ?????? part of my platform. Then we would be set for mass collaboration worldwide. Maybe. :) Well it would be more like single person collaboration with the mass of projects.

I am so tempted by all these groups and their donation button. I want to give money, I just haven't got the money to give yet.

Though today I set up my paypal account properly to get ready to start wasting my money on a stupid dream.

So hold on volunteer or donation based projects of all kinds across the globe, freespaceships is coming to volunteer and fund you with at least 1 dollar!



  1. Using this place as a clipboard :D


    note to self: need forum entries for wiki
    so we need companies, space agencies, open source projects, forums, media agents

  3. Yeah I spent a couple of hours browsing the web, going through blogs, websites, reading about budgets, some science...

  4. ok so for platform, logging hours spent on browsing relevant topics might be relevant data, also blogs need to be included in the media agents section for wiki off to bed for me need to cut more trees tomorrow