Friday, July 13, 2012

FOURTY: wiki

I started a wiki for ourselves on wikia. I was thinking of setting up our own using media wiki and hosting it by ourselves, but I thought we can do that if we get large enough. At the moment this is a nearly one person enterprise so we don't need to splurge on webhosting.

You can see the link up at the top near our forum link. I haven't put anything up there yet, but my first goal is to start the database for online collaborative space projects, news sites, blogs, space organisations. I want all to have a page with relevant statistical information I already ranted about.

If we know where the millions of space enthusiasts are spending their time and money, we can try and figure out how to divert our attention and channel resources in a more organised manner.

Feel free to contribute with anything there, add a page for yourself, your group, a page you like and visit, for your plan about how to get a million people to the moon in 30 years.

Speak up random visitor!

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  1. While looking through wiki softwares I found Xwiki, and thought I should mention it here because I was thinking of downloading it and having a look.

    The reason why I was thinking of having a closer look is because I am already learning JAVA as my attempt to learn programming, and this one uses java, also seems to be quite extendable and I think we could probably make use of it for our activities. I am putting it here so I wont forget. :)

    I need to make a couple of pages for our wiki, I am thinking of what to put on there.

    I am thinking about the format of entries, and also how we could pull all the information entered into one.

    Another idea I had was to get people put the information on their own websites and just have a webcrawler collect it, but this would require people to get on board before we can gather information.

    Though they already have a ton of information on their sites usually, it is just hard to access sometimes.

    Anyway. Still working on this, just things take more time than what I thought they would, also being a noob about pretty much everything we need for this doesn't help. :)