Sunday, July 1, 2012


In case anybody comes here and wonders why the lack of activity /probably nobody will do such a thing/:

I am continuing with my beginner JAVA tutorial
I am roughly in the middle of the tutorial. Last time when I was doing this tutorial in January I was working on the excersises for chapter six. I also started my own project which is just a simple game with a ball and two blocks to hit it around. This time I ended up jumping straight into that project after I reread the previous 6 chapters to recap on what I have learned. So at the moment I am working with timers, key and mouse events, and a little bit of basic graphics. My objective is to get a bit better at handling objects before I continue and go further.

I was also thinking about freespaceships in the meantime, and today I googled around to see what databases I could use for our system. My choice at the moment is MySQL, but if any of you guys have a better idea don't be shy and tell me I am a complete noob. The reason I thought it would be a good choice:
-wide spread usage
-free to use
-seems to be good enough for all the big guys like google/facebook to use so it should be good enough for us. :)

So the next step for me is to download and figure out how to use it so I could build the database for freespaceships.

So I have a lot of programming and new software to learn, probably should keep me busy for the next decade. I do hope to do it all while developing freespaceships so in 10 years we can also have a decent sized program running. Maybe with a couple of million dollar yearly budget. That sounds modest enough.

Regarding freespaceships, on friday I had a quick chat with someone at work about trying to "copy" what sport clubs do and make freespaceships similar to one. Yearly memberships that apart from allowing hands on involvement would also give rewards like tickets to events/places, and merchandise like baseball caps, scarfs, badges, mugs...etc.

In this regard Australia could do with a decent sized space program so the suggestion from plainstudman to start closer to home sounds even more appealing. It would be great if freespaceships could get a country that seems to be quite far behind in terms of space related activities and get it up the ladder to the front. If we could achieve that, it would certainly prove the potential of crowd funding and maybe other countries could follow in our footsteps. But this is all very far in the future of a paralel reality of fairytale land where things go always well.

Anyway that's my update for this week. I don't have any new links for now, I did check out:
But this site isn't exactly space related, it has all sorts of cool tech related news. I found a couple of interesting articles that are very relevant for space exploration and colonisation, but I won't bore you guys with lame summaries of mine. I am no journalist. :)

So anyway, talk to you later Mr. Net. I am signing off.

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