Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fourty-Five: networked thinking

My first week at coursera went kind of ok. It was hard to find time to watch the lectures and work on assignment, but I managed to do half of the assignment and I think it won't take long to finish it off. But overall I enjoyed it a lot so far. I loved the feeling of accomplishment when my lame code actually worked as it was supposed to. :)

Then I was also thinking about "freespaceships" the network that thinks up free spaceships. :)

I mean if we individual humans are technically computers. Probably all nerds would agree. And if our computers are computers. And if our network of computers the internet itself is thought of as a computer, then really "freespaceship" is a software incorporating software running on actual computers, software running on networks of computers, software running on human brains, and software running on all of these at the same time. If thoughts are "software", then really "freespaceships" is about thinking up free spaceships.

It sounds pretty incoherent, but this place is for expressing my incoherent ramblings so NI!

Anyway here is some attempt at more coherence:
So I was thinking of a layered network. It would have a network of social interactions, with nodes of individuals or groups like hackerspaces, or organisations.
Then there is a network of actual solutions. In my head I imagined all hardware dreamed up and designed placed in a network where parts are linked together, and so it can be visualized where each component is used, or could be used. Also with building a database of engineering solutions it might be possible to make it easier to come up with new designs.
Then there is a network of resource allocation which is responsible for moving stuff around. Actual hardware, raw materials, components, money, maybe even people.

Now I am wondering how to put all that into one open source client. Something simple, clear, easily modifiable and upgradable.

I think google+ has a lot of potential as serving as the social networking core. The different design of how one can organise their connections allows for interesting structures. Being able to separate connections into different groups and sharing things selectively could potentially help with clearing up the clutter of random stuff as long as people stick to the topics of the circles they share stuff "into".

It will be interesting to see how it all works out in a couple of years.

It also seems to give great opportunity for spamming. Like what I am doing with this post right now. :P I am sharing this with all the new people who added me cause of Algorithms prt 1. Maybe I can infect some more people with the idea of an "open source crowd done space program".

I need more enthusiastic programmers or programmer wannabees like myself. After all this problem is largely a software development problem as I described before. It is software running on our brains + on our computers + on the computer that is made of our brains linked to our computers linked to each other. This brain computer hive thingy we are all part of but aren't quite aware of much.

So viva le hive mind revolution! :P WE ARE THE BORG! RESISTANCE IS IMPOSSIBLE!


freespaceships FTW!

I wonder if there is going to be a spike in the site visit stats after I post this. If there is, it shows google+  and some extra amount of new people in your circles helps promoting silly ideas.

If there is no spike, then I will know need more people in my circles.

Other stuff:
my Machine Learning course is starting this week too, I hope I will meet some more cool people through that course. Also I can't wait to make use of the AI algorithms and hopefully in a year or so I can start building freespaceships properly with real software engineering and coding done. :P WOOHOO.


  1. my name is ben , i see and understand what you are trying to do , if your interested in ideas , them here is my two cents , 3D printing, maybe someone can create a fully 3D printable rocket , or even better a centrifical grav space station , fully Printable . im not at all fully educated ,but im steady studying this idea , maybe?

    1. oh yeah , 3d can be very onpen source , aka reprap 3D printing, . enjoy

  2. Hi Ben!

    I don't know if you have seen this yet but Nasa is actually thinking about using 3d printing in space to make spacecraft.

    They are also planning to use 3d printing for tools and are thinking about using it for making spare parts.

    So definitely it would be a great project for an open source space program based on a large community of tinkerers /hackerspaces/. You actually made me realise that this could be part of the Antarctic race/mission. 3d printing as much of the craft as possible, and maybe even part of the contest is who can print more of their craft and make it to the goal.

    Thank you for your comment, it is great to actually talk to other people about this and get responses. It makes me feel less of a lunatic. :)

    Open Thinking FTW! :D