Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fourty-Eight: no time, mach30

Big issue, especially now that I have 4 courses to follow. Networked life started this monday and it seems to be quite good in terms of getting myself introduced to the ideas of networks. All the other ones I have been downloading, and tried to watch as much as I could.

I gave up on assignment work, I decided to save them for later time when I can make proper attempts at programming. I need undisturbed time and rested head for it. The two rarely coincide. I probably need to fix this issue. :)

I found the Gamification course quite useful it made me think more about how a global network of space enthusiasts could be kept enthusiastic while doing useful work or contributing to the collective works.

The networked life course is extremely interesting too. In my head I am already trying to visualise the complexities behind a  "freespaceships"-like network.

Just today I watched the last Mach30 meeting to catch up on what's happening, and it proved extremely useful. Regarding ITAR I saw somebody else also suggesting one way sharing of technology where export or import laws make it hard to share both ways. Then it was nice to see that Mach30 is moving forward with setting up the Catalyst club to get some money coming in for their activities. I want to join but I cannot justify it at this moment, maybe in about a month I can follow up one of my earlier plan to fund several of the projects I have already found. I will need to make a list for this and work how much money I can afford to spend on these kinds of things.

I have to figure out how much money I will need for starting up my UAV projects I have been dreaming about for a while now, and how much money I can send to projects like CopenhagenSuborbitals or Mach30. I want to play with robots as well as help others do their work. :)

Overall I still have too much on my plate, especially when it comes to "dream projects" I wan't to do but can't because of all sorts of constrains like expertise, money, time etc...

I guess I should follow Ted Arroway's good advice from Contact and just do small moves at a time. :)

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