Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fourty-Nine: shortest, least boring

Open source drone races.

I have a longer version in my head, but it's late I should be in bed by now. I just thought I should put this out there. Maybe somebody more driven will take it somewhere.

Ideas were meant to be shared so they can blossom. So make it blossom. :)


  1. Hi, I already participated in an open source drone race - sort of :-). It involved a lot of flying drones:

    Your blog posts could get some more links. Interconnecting information is everything in this digital world.

    Do you know about Open Source satellites?

  2. Wow another one of those rare comments I get occasionally. Hi Johannes! :)

    Maybe I should aim for short and not so boring posts with some links as you suggested. :)

    Landkamp looks extremely cool. Probably should be replicated in Australia so I can go and drool over all the cool drones. :) I have to say though the race I have in mind is several orders of magnitude harder than anything I have seen so far on the net. I tend to dream up projects way harder than what current capabilities of hobby level organisations and technologies. Probably because I have no idea what is technically feasible, so I don't have those constrains when I think about what I would like to do.

    I have recently added a link to the top "UAVforge" at the end of the list, I wanted to post a rant about that for a while now. I might combine all of that and this crazy idea of mine into one blogpost. The issue is that it will be one of those boring ones again.