Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fifty-One: networks, catalysts

A couple of days ago I parted with my first 60 bucks as part of my noobish efforts of getting us off this planet the cool way. The open source way that is. :)

I joined Mach30's catalyst club just for the hell of it. I was curious about the content, but I also wanted to send some support to people who seem to be working on the same thing I am interested in. If you are curious and can afford it, I encourage you to do the same in the name of good will and sharing just for the hell of it.  Of course I have ulterior motives as well. *evil grin*

My motivation is networks. I have been watching the lectures from two coursera courses
Networked Life and Social Network Analysis. They are extremely informative, at least they were for me. I am trying to settle in somewhere in the global network of space enthusiasts from where I can build more connections eventually.

So far I have set my foot in Space Fellowship. I have meddled in the forum of PERMANENT. I spammed a while ago as some of you might know, and now I am hassling MACH30. Actually I also just contacted the local hackerspace CCHS and I am hoping to have a look there soon.

If a lot of us does this, and if we set up a robust and large network of sharing ideas, and resources we will be able to engineer and construct cool things.

Of course there is still an issue of competition for interests, attention, and resources. We all have very different interests and it is uncertain how they overlap and how they all could be coordinated under one large scale project.  We all have limited amount of "attention" we can devote to projects or activities, and our resources are also limited. We would need millions of people to match the capabilities of companies and governments in the space industry, but that would require to manage, and coordinate all these aspects on a large scale.

But I guess not much of this is relevant yet because freespaceships is just me blogging about the crazy impossible idea of a large scale hobby space program for the masses.

I watched the open hardware summit videos and the google+ hangout of MACH30 that was about the summit and found a couple of interesting projects I linked at the top. One is an open source light aircraft design and building project. The other one is a DIY website in the making that would be a platform for sharing DIY projects. Both are relevant for me because both I have been thinking about since I had my brain wrecked in march. I keep finding these things on the net that seem to confirm that either I am not crazy, or that there are a lot more crazy people like me out there than I previously thought.

In the meantime I am also lurking on robotics and UAV store sites looking for the first kit to buy and sink my brain into. My lack of focus is still not helping me, I should be focusing on programming but my attention got drawn away towards something more hands on that I can do programming on, but also can enjoy playing with at the same time.

Small steps is the way to go I guess. I wish I wasn't so impatient and unrealistic in my head.