Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fifty-Three: past, present

So just to put things up here, I did actually manage to achieve a couple of things in the past couple of inactive months.

I managed to get to the local Hackerspace in October or November, I can't remember exactly. It was quite interesting, I got shown around and was given a short intro into what's happening there. I would love to go there and work on my projects, I just need to get them going first.

I also had an interesting chat with a friend on google+ last year. He basically suggested to write a space flight simulator of a sort, and we discussed it a little bit, but it hasn't got far because of life stepping in the way and making both of us quite busy. This was still a great thing for me, it showed at least another person thought about this project for some time. :)

I managed to get back into my tutorials, working through them so hopefully this year I can roll out my first lame app for android. Something simple, something I can do myself, and hopefully if I get some people buy it, I can move some money towards the projects I like.

Deep Space Industries:
I added them to my list after reading about them for the first time today. Maybe I am way behind hearing about them, but this seems extremely exciting because it means Planetary Resources are not alone anymore in their ambitions. 

So my plans at the moment:
-learn to write simple 2D games
-write one for android
-make some money /even if it's just me buying it for my phone :P/
-give money to projects that are cool
-see where this takes me

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