Friday, January 18, 2013

Fifty-Two: inactive, activity

Hey there crawlers, bots, Mr Google /I know you are aware :P/ and occasional human passersby. It has been a while since my last blog. A lot has happened, sadly not much regarding my silly idea of free spaceships.

I haven't stopped thinking about the problem, I just had some inhibiting factors in addition to my laziness stopping me from doing some work. Computer issues, time issues, financial issues etc... These all are helping getting my feet back on the ground, and looking at the problem more realistically.

Over the holidays I had one of my friends visit from overseas and I managed to squeeze some information out of him about software development and what he thought about "freespaceships" and where to start, what kind of game to develop etc...

He pointed out that a relatively simple game for smart phones would be much easier to develop and deploy with a small or just one person crew. So I think I will try and head that way. I need to draw up and design a concept first, before I try and attack the coding part. I have been thinking about what kind of game I would like to play on my phone, and what features it should have.

I keep a small file on my phone full of random notes of ideas that just pop into my head. It is still just a jumbled mess of ideas but I guess for a start it will have to do.

I was also thinking of starting out the crowd funding aspect of freespaceships with simply offering the profits /if there will be any/ to a handful of the projects out there that I am aware of and I like. Once and If some sort of community grows around this, we can make more collective decisions about where to send our moneys.

Well it's a new year, and hopefully by the end of it I will have more than just a couple of notes. 

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