Monday, April 22, 2013

Fifty-Seven: programming, spamming

Hello there.

I was watching more TED videos as usual and came across this one.

It motivated me to stop being lame and crank up the programming I do. So I am doing my 30 day of programming every day. So far great success this is the third day. I managed to figure out the bug in my breakout clone. So that tutorial is dusted. Today I will work on my pong clone and completely redo my lame implementation from half a year ago. It works, but has an extremely buggy collision detection.

In the facebook group of SpaceGAMBIT someone posted a link to this blogpost.

It was awsome to read "freespaceships" popping up again in someone else's head
It gives me a lot of hope. Maybe when it pops up in enough heads someone will succeed at making it happen and then I won't have to waste my time on this. :) 

So I left a comment there and the address to this blog. It might attract some comments or help, or long awaited link to an awsome project that will suck me right in.

Speaking of spamming. I don't know what happened but on the 18th of April there was a spike in the views to this blog. Around 80-90 views, and I have no idea what caused it. It does coincide with the night when Steph was away. I was just watching periodictable,  and sixtysymbols videos, and also some spacevidcast, but I don't remember doing anything spamlike.

Maybe someone out there has the answer. Maybe the bots went nuts over my page.

Anyway, I am off to Eclipse and writing up some proper classes for my pong.

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