Tuesday, May 7, 2013

fifty nine: updates, crawlers

Ahoy There!

Thanks to the new connections, I have found some new links. Check out the end of the list on the top for anything new.

I also looked back in my blog and there seems to be some links in my old blog posts that I haven't put up top.

I was looking for my first poll about a "freespaceships" like project. I am doing a course about Startups and at the end of the first "lecture" the "homework" is to talk to potential customers to learn about the "market".

I already did something like that last year during my spamming spree. I had some description of what I am doing or what the general idea of this project was, and just had a poll up on the blog:


How much do you want to get involved?
Fuck off, this is the stupidest idea ever.
 3 (8%)
I am curious about how it will turn out, but i don't want part of it.
 4 (11%)
I am willing to help occasionally but I don't want to put money towards this.
 12 (35%)
I want to help with anything I have, including money. Sign me up!
 15 (44%)

Votes so far: 34

Now these votes came in after around 800 or so views. It shows some distribution amongst the people who bothered to answer the question, but if we put the rest of the people who visited the site but didn't answer the poll in their own category "I am not even going to bother to answer this stupid question." then the market looks pretty tough. :)

Though I should probably use a better way to sample the spacecrazies out there, and possibly write up a better questionnaire to learn more about these people. This is on my current agenda.

Another thing on my agenda is writing my own web crawler to build a database and try map the network of spacecrazies out there. All the blogs, websites, groups, forums, projects etc...
The reason for this is twofold. Still studying programming and the Udacity course I am taking is about building a web crawler, the other one is simply my curiosity and also exploring the "market" itself. If I ever hope to "sell" or make something useful to us all, I need to know who we are. I know what I want, but I have not much idea about what other people want.

That should be all for now. I hope you enjoyed the consistent quality of lame here at my blog, and will come back for another dose later on. I am adding new links as I find them, I won't bother with boring you with comments about them. 

If you find or know about a site just shove the link in a comment and I will put it on the top. Once my crawler is done I will try and let it lose on this blog and see what happens. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I just found "laser motive" as a result of me ranting a bit about not seeing any real beamed propulsion attempts lately.

    I want in. :)