Friday, May 31, 2013

SIXTY-ONE: telescopes, crowds

It is time for me to blog this. It's been two days since the Kickstarter campaign for the Arkyd started. It is an excellent opportunity to measure the crowd. We get to see general numbers that stand behind the project, but also will see how the support is distributed between different levels of commitment.

If you haven't yet contributed I urge you to do so. Maybe join up with friends and put a couple of dollars together to do a group selfie, or buy a higher level perk like some time on the telescope. There is no reason you have to cough up the money by yourself, this is a community project after all.

I asked my friends/family on facebook to see if anybody wants to join me for a photo shoot. Hopefully it will get some people interested so we can get a cool picture of the moon or some nebula and a group selfie.

I can't believe this, it's been only a year since I ranted about crowd funding a space program, and here we are doing the baby steps and I didn't have to move a finger. I got really excited and motivated to work more on my game.

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