Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SiXtY - thrEE: surveys, makerlabs

Finally I managed to get to a meeting of Footscray Maker Lab. It was extremely educational just meeting new people. I am more convinced now that setting up such groups as nodes for the "freespaceships" network is the way to go. The network would get input in terms of manhours, expertise and the the makerlabs could get more funding and also people influx if there is sufficient interest amongst the "space enthusiasts".

So the goal seems to be to try and match the supposedly large crowd of space nerds with their local makerspaces and convince them to get involved and contribute in as many ways as they can afford and feel like.

This takes me to the other point I wanted to talk about. The survey/market research/study I have ranted about before that would be about researching the "space crowd". I started a google document last weekend, and started asking around for input in my immediate network. /spacefellowship, permanent, moonmars, planetary resources vanguards, open source space exploration community on google+, spaceGAMBIT group on facebook/

At the moment it is just about collecting questions aimed at people interested in space related activities. I was hoping people could add questions or topics they wanted to query the crowd about, then after sufficient amount of editing we put the survey online on it's own website, and finally the data is fed back into the crowd to be used by anyone for anything they want.

The project is open source in the sense that the questions are free to view and edit for anyone who has the link:

The next step will be to edit the questions, figuring out answer options, figuring out hosting, title, some legal issues etc... and then eventually actually posting it online.

I have had a lot of great comments from the various groups and already many people contributed which is awesome. I think I will make this my official first proper project because it is something I can actually do /still probably not well, but I don't think that matters/

To close this all off with some "spam".

The Arkyd campaign is in it's final days, if you think the project is cool put some money towards it. :)

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