Friday, April 18, 2014

Sixty-SIX: crowd-doing

I found this in my facebook feed. This is exactly what I would like to do but with the addition of crowd funding, and an addictive game to get ourselves spending money on technology that we need to get off this rock.


  1. Other updates.

    Changed the top intro into my blog to another of my failed haikus.

    Also changed background of the game, changed colors of stuff, and added a simple "animation" for the engines when they are on.

    It is just a line renderer being enabled and turned off. I used it because I wanted to play around with line renderers. I will need one for my orbit visualisation that will replace the trails I am using for now. I might also use them for "lasers" or other visualisation tools, like showing the velocity vector or other information.

    It turns out the black background blends well with my blog. :)
    I need to play with the color scheme of the objects to match the rest of the blog, then the game would fit in quite well.

  2. Added rockets, use G to shoot. There is no targeting system for rockets yet so they will only go in a straight line, they act more like a bullet but with an engine at the back.

  3. hey it has been some time man. this is plainstudman. it looks like you are still at it i am glad to see that. you are dedicated. i have some skills that might help our space flight goals. lets talk on irc or email. i added you on google plus. my email is see ya there man.