Sunday, August 24, 2014

SIXTy-7eVEN: it's been a while

Yep I am lazy. Haven't been doing much for the past couple of months. If I were in space, I'd be dead by now.

I just added three more links to my list. One is a kickstarter for a Canadian rocket company to do small satellite launches. The other two are also rocket companies that are developing rockets for the small satellite market. All attempting to use carbon composites, and Firefly is planning to use aerospike engines. They want to enable smaller companies that have 5 or so million dollars to spend to fly their own hardware to LEO as primary payload.

Overall it seems I am consistently being visited by bots, which is a good sign. At least the servers and search engines are paying attention to my ramblings.

I have stalled on my game dev project,  but I started messing with Unity again. So fingers crossed I might have that game up and running by the end of this decade.

Oh, and enjoy the new failed haiku of the month.

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