Saturday, September 12, 2015

69: new old game rip off fail

So just a little help:
W and S will accelerate probe forward and backward
A and D will accelerate ship left or right
Q and E will rotate ship left or right 
R will kill rotation
Left mouse button or left Ctrl will shoot bullet

Yes controls are annoying. :) Need to figure out.

Ship is invincible at the moment cause of development reasons. The asteroids aren't, they just have a lot of "hp".

Why doesn't the ship stop spinning after force is applied to turn it? Cause of Newton. Argue with him, then settle for using the R button. Probably later on will have "stabilizer" on ship that would slow down and stop rotation to help with control, but also that can be knocked out by enemies to make control harder. Fun.

Why does ship keep moving if no buttons are touched and so no engines /notice no animation for engines yet/ are on? Cause of Newton. Argue with him, then settle for turning ship around and apply force the opposite direction to slow down, or wait till you hit something. You probably will hit something.

Why does ship start moving backwards when it shoots? Cause of Newton. I thought to be internally consistent the guns would have to apply the same force they apply to the projectile to the ship itself. The bright side is that the gun is basically an engine in itself, and probably I will end up making the engines also usable as weapons at short range.

Though the parameters of mass of bodies, projectiles, and force strengths will obviously need some tuning. At the moment for instance the mass of the projectile is one tenth of the ship, so it is clear why the recoil is so strong.

Yes the damage to objects is also based on the force of collision. I am planning to base the "hp" of an object on its mass, so more heavy stuff will be harder to destroy, and also harder to move around. Lighter things should brake easier, but also should be more agile.

I want to add grabbing and holding capability, and also harpoons on tethers. They should add some fun elements. Also add some "force" fields of sorts for shields or other interesting purposes. I might also try gravity to some extent but if you thought controlling this ship is hard, orbital maneuvers even in 2D are quite hard. Especially if you want to move between "planets" or "moons".

Anyway, working towards a "minimum viable product" to get people play test. If that goes well, then would continue with developing a plethora of content in terms of AI, scenes, proper sprites, and proper animation.

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