Thursday, September 24, 2015

71: SpaceVR, game update

Pledge 50 bucks to SpaceVR and you get a cool vr frame for your phone, and access to all future SpaceVR content. Which might be not much, but potentially could get big and then it would be a freaking bargain. :)

Now GameDevTalk:

I don't know why yet, but the shitty graphics we had, are now even worse. Oh well.

The upside is that I have figured out how to make the ships modular. At the moment you can only grab other objects with the left grab, but it is the same system that will enable building ships from parts by attaching them together.

If you have a middle mouse button, then if you touch an object with left arm while holding down the middle button, you will grab the object. Positioning isn't perfect yet, but at least the physics isn't messed up like it was by some other implementations I tried.

If you click the middle button while holding something you can release the object. Try throwing stuff by spinning the craft and then letting go of the object. I had to "manually" apply the correct force to the object when you release otherwise it would just stay right where it was released.

What we don't have yet is proper recalculation of center of mass when holding onto stuff. Also when releasing objects the ship's angular momentum isn't affected yet but I think it should be. I need to update my physics understanding first, then I can put in the appropriate calculations and force application to make object interactions more real. I am not sure if it will be playable yet. If it isn't, I might have to leave it the way it is.

Also Nathan pointed out that the thrust needs tuning because ship isn't responsive enough. And I also know that damage and "health" or "object integrity" needs tweaking.

Anyway, off to scripting some basic AI, improving the responsiveness of the ship, and fixing the damage/health issue, and then we will have something playable.

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  1. Yep just by playing it figured out what is missing. The ship should be accelerated the other direction relative to the way the thrown object is going. Also both object should end up changing their angular velocity. Though because the ship is following the mouse it cannot rotate freely. Which is why I think the mouse follow function needs a switch. It isn't obvious though unless you have understanding of Newtonian physics.