Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Seventy-THrEE: Asgardia, SpaceX, Blue Origins

Hello dear bots of this world. It's been a while.

It seems there is a fair sized world wide interest in moving to space:

Also SpaceX has come out with their plan for an interplanetary transport system. Their reusable super heavy booster and the colonial transport upper stage would allow for the launch of heavy hardware for large scale space mining and manufacturing facilities. Exactly what Asgardia will need.

Last but not least Blue Origins is on the way to developing  orbital launch capabilities with a reusable first stage.

So things are looking up for serious human presence in space within 30 years.

Question is:
Will my lazy butt be producing any happy space poop?

Yes I did sign up for Asgardian citizenship. :)

Also since Unity player gadget is not supported anymore I took it down. I haven't worked on the game in a year. When I get back into it, I will figure out how to share progress again.